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Text, Uncover the Cost. US Bank

Toy model of a house. Text, Costs to consider when renovating your home. Design and blueprints. Choose energy-efficient designs for long-term savings. Building permits. Required for most structural changes.

Toy moving truck appears. Text, Moving and storage.

Key appears. Text, Offsite accommodation.

Dog appears. Text, Boarding pets

Plates of food appear. Text, Dining out

Truck rolls up to house. Text, New materials. Fresh paint is a low-cost update that can boost home value. Planning to sell? Minor kitchen and bathroom remodels offer high return on investment. Up to 100 percent.

Tools appear. Text, Labor. D.I.Y or hire a professional? Calling in the experts could save your more money long term.

Cleaning supplies appear. Text, Professional cleaning

a burst of confetti. Text, It pays off

US Bank. US slash financial i q. Equal Housing Lender. Credit products offered by US Bank National Association and subject to credit approval and program guidelines. Call your business banker for current rates and terms. Deposit products are offered by US Bank National Association. Member FDIC 


Uncover the cost: Home renovation

Planning a home improvement project? Here are some common costs to budget for – plus tips to help you maximize the return on your investment.

Tags: Budgeting, Goals, Home, Home improvement, Lifestyle, Planning
Published: July 13, 2020

Home remodeling costs can vary widely. Consider these common expenses to help with planning and budgeting.

Ready to remodel? Find out if a home equity loan or line of credit could help you fund your project.