Plan your strategic path toward digital success.

Map your place within the evolving digital landscape, and the benefits of digitizing business from bottom line to top, by reading our e-book, The Digital Bridge: Knowing what’s next and how to get there.

  • From ERP integration to automated invoice processing, read about the various benefits 'going digital' can provide your business.
  • Understand how digitization can reduce costs, improve working capital visibility and limit exposure while reducing fraud.
  • Read why moving away from paper can help you transition your business planning from reactive to proactive, and toward new organizational horizons.


Accelerate growth with optimized, digital business operations.

Digitize your payments to move cash faster.

Solve your real business problems amid a rapidly changing payment landscape with custom solutions, ranging from accounts payable automation to real-time payments (RTP®).


Optimize working capital, increase liquidity, mitigate risk.

Partner to design and build your digital bridge on a strong foundation of capital and credit, balanced for risk mitigation and liquidity to take your digital-based strategy further.

Unlock human potential with machine-enabled solutions.

Set your business up for the future – both near and far – with machine-enabled solutions for powerful automation, systems integration, and programming interfaces.

Discover how digitization is transforming your industry.

U.S. Bank is driving digital success for solutions and products that are tailored to your industry’s unique payment and cash-flow needs.

Commercial real estate

From traditional paper rent checks to automated payments and advanced analytics, the digital bridge is transforming the landlord-tenant relationship, especially for B2B commercial real estate.

Man at a computer ordering supplies.

Case Study: industrial supply

Automating accounts receivable greatly reduces manual processing and frees up staff to perform more strategic work. Using A/R solutions from U.S. Bank, MSC Industrial Supply is able to keep the focus on customer accounts, not manual processes.

Local government

Government agencies can streamline operations, reduce costs and meet changing consumer demands with interactive billing and payment platforms that allow consumers to view and pay their bills how, when and where they want.

Ready to go digital?

What really matters is where your business stands tomorrow. No matter what your unique opportunities may be, we’re at your side with deep data, analytical insights, partner-led practices and award-winning onboarding.

That’s why we’re focused on understanding where your business is now, and how you can benefit from leading-edge financial technology, intentionally developed for simple integration and gains from day one.

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