What to know when buying a home with your significant other

For some couples, homeownership happens before marriage. What’s involved? Our checklist provides a complete rundown for you and your significant other.  

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Published: March 17, 2021

Home buying jitters? That’s natural before any major commitment. When buying a home with your significant other, there is also slightly more risk than if you’re married. However, if you and your partner can make an informed decision on titling and write a contract together, you both might be able to manage this risk.

First-time home buyer tips for unmarried couples

Strange as it sounds, if you’re not married, banks treat you and your significant other like joint partners in a business deal. This is a key difference for unmarried couples. If you understand this, you can protect yourself against adverse circumstances. This checklist will help you and your partner focus on the important financial aspects of your first-time home purchase.


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