Understanding TRUSTS

Create a forward-thinking strategy.

A robust estate plan reflects your unique vision and values, and takes into account everything required to settle your estate. We’ll work with your legal and tax advisors to ensure you have a well-designed plan that balances the interests of the people and causes you care about most.

Trust and estate considerations

What type of trust do you need?

Choosing the right type of trust depends on your goal – from transferring assets in a tax-efficient way to structuring charitable giving to administering a plan across generations. Some trusts can be modified after they’re created while others are irrevocable.1 Together with your legal and tax advisors, we’ll help you identify the type of trust that fits your need.

Trust situs

Choose a state with trust-friendly laws.

If your estate plan will include an irrevocable trust, you may want to consider locating it in a state with trust-friendly laws. We can help you determine the optimal location for your trust.

Our approach to trusts and estates

Trusts and estates are a key part of wealth planning. We listen to your goals and priorities and collaborate with you and your attorney to determine the right structure for your will, trust or entire estate plan.

We offer you:

  • Expertise. We’ve been administering trusts for more than 100 years.
  • Objectivity. We execute your plan without the conflicts of interest and pressures that family members and friends can often represent.
  • Continuity. Year after year, generation after generation, you can count on us to honor your plan.


Connect with a wealth specialist to learn how trusts and estates fit into your overall wealth plan.

Wealth Teams

Where are you in your financial journey?

We work to understand your assets, needs and goals, then provide the right level of support to help you move forward.

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Insights from our experts

What does it mean to leave a legacy?

Increasing numbers of people want their financial plan to reflect their values. Our eBook covers three strategies for how to build an enduring legacy that does just that.

How to set up a trust

A trust requires careful administration, but setting one up is a fairly simple process that generally involves five steps.

How to handle the emotions involved in trust planning

Trust planning involves much more than numbers on a spreadsheet – it also involves family dynamics.


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  1. It is important to research state laws thoroughly prior to establishing an irrevocable trust. State laws vary and are subject to change.

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