Institutional Trustee Services

Build lasting relationships with reliability.

You need a firm that you can count on to safeguard assets for trust participants and beneficiaries. Let our experienced team help handle custody settlement of trades, cash sweep, benefit payments and other needs unique to your trust and the interests of your participants and beneficiaries.

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Karl Wilson
National Sales Manager

Institutional trustee services

Need a dedicated account manager to provide reliable trustee services, both directly and through agent relationships? We can shoulder a broad range of responsibilities without compromising your flexibility or access to information.

Institutional trustee services benefits

  • Ability to act as directed fiduciary or discretionary investment manager
  • Collection of interest and dividends for all held securities
  • Notification and processing of voluntary, mandatory and corporate actions
  • Collection of principal and interest on called bonds, redemptions and maturities
  • Monthly statements and online reporting with secure, 24/7 system access