Institutional trustee services

Need a dedicated account manager to provide reliable trustee services, both directly and through agent relationships? We can shoulder a broad range of responsibilities without compromising your flexibility or access to information.

Institutional trustee services benefits

  • Ability to act as directed fiduciary or discretionary investment manager
  • Collection of interest and dividends for all held securities
  • Notification and processing of voluntary, mandatory and corporate actions
  • Collection of principal and interest on called bonds, redemptions and maturities
  • Monthly statements and online reporting with secure, 24/7 system access

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Karl Wilson
National Sales Manager
Institutional Trust and Custody

Other post-employment benefits (OPEB) trust services

As one of the largest OPEB trust providers in the country, we work with you to help manage your assets and other Section 115 or VEBA Trust document services under GASB. We were among the first financial institutions to provide trust services to help public sector employers set aside funds for future benefits obligations.

OPEB trust services benefits

  • Trust administration
  • Trust document templates
  • Asset management
  • Ancillary revenue opportunities

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