Legacy wealth management

Preserving your wealth

Making a lasting impact can mean many things to different people. You've worked hard to provide for yourself and others. It’s time to consider a financial plan that allows you to support the people and causes that mean the most to you now and into the future.

There are many strategies you can consider when creating your legacy plan to help ensure your wealth does the most good for the most people. With any wealth transfer, it’s important to consider the tax implications. We can partner with your tax advisors and help you find the most efficient way to maintain and share your wealth.

Family financial services

Managing wealth transfers for multi-generational families can be complex. We offer services and support to help ensure the movement of wealth within your family goes according to your wishes.

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Estate planning

Create the financial legacy you want. What happens to your assets depends a great deal on how you prepared during your lifetime. If you do nothing, state law will determine what happens to your assets. However, certain estate planning documents, such as trusts, allow you to influence what happens. U.S. Bank will collaborate with you and your tax and legal advisors to determine the right structure for your estate plan that takes into account your goals and priorities.

Trusts can allow you to avoid probate and help ensure that your assets are distributed to beneficiaries more quickly. Some trusts enable you to keep your personal financial information out of the public record. Trusts can also help you make sure your assets are managed the way you wish during your lifetime.

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Charitable giving

Make a lasting impact in your community and in the world through charitable giving strategies from U.S. Bank. Beyond making cash donations there are many unique ways you can contribute to your favorite causes.

If you hold publicly-traded securities or other types of assets that have appreciated in value, you may want to gift the appreciated asset to a qualified charity and avoid the significant capital gains taxes you may face as you sell the asset.

You can also make charitable gifts of real estate or life insurance policies. Capital assets such as land, buildings, machinery, and appreciated securities that you’ve owned for at least one year are worth considering as potential gifts as well.

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Specialty assets

Creating a wealth plan that includes complex assets – like a business, real estate, art or natural resources – requires expertise. You need a partner that can help you assess the value of your asset and can work with your tax and legal partners to help you realize it’s true worth. Our Business Owner Advisory Services and Specialty Asset Management Group at U.S. Bank can help you create a comprehensive wealth strategy that considers these specialty assets.

Insurance planning

Disability or life insurance can help protect your estate and ensure that your loved ones are not burdened with additional expenses. Our U.S. Bancorp Investments insurance specialists can help you determine the right coverage based on your lifestyle and needs.

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