Checklist: 6 to-dos for after a move

Taking a few steps now can help you get settled a little more quickly and be ready to make the most of your new home

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Published: November 24, 2021

Moving to a new home is exciting, but the process can also add a little chaos to your life. Get settled into your new home with these six tips.


1. Update your address

Along with changing your address with the post office, make a list of all the organizations, agencies and companies that have your address and make sure they have your new one on file. This could include banks, schools, your employer, insurance companies, the DMV, businesses you make online purchases from, etc.


2. Disconnect and reconnect your utility services

Some services may be able to be transferred over from your old address, but some will need to be shut off at your previous home and started new with a new provider at your new one. This includes services like electric, gas, city water, trash pick-up, internet or cable services, etc. Make sure you notify the service providers before you move so that you have the service the day you move in.


3. Update your budget

Are there new expenses at your new home that you need to account for? Depending on where you’re moving from and moving to, you may have new monthly expenses like a lawncare or snow removal service, or you may need to purchase some additional tools or equipment to maintain your home. Or maybe your commuting and entertainment costs will go up or down if your proximity to work or social activities has changed. 


4. Secure your home's exterior entrances

You never know if there’s a spare key floating around out there that someone who previously lived in your home may have, so it’s a good idea to rekey the locks on any exterior doors. And if you have a garage door opener, it’s also wise to change the code on the keypads and remotes as well.


5. Reassess your financial goals

A new home can come along with big changes in lifestyle and priorities. Take a step back to take stock of how your long-term financial goals may have changed with the purchase of your new home. If you'd like some guidance, schedule 1:1 time with a goals coach to get started.  U.S. Bank provides free goals coaching to help you explore and plan for the life you want to live.


6. Find local medical services for your family – including your pets!

If you have children, you’ll probably want to find a good pediatrician in your area sooner rather than later. That’s one less thing you’ll need to think about in the heat of the moment when your child has an illness or injury. The same rule of thumb applies for pets too. Having a trusted local veterinarian already identified can give you extra peace of mind during an emergency. Downloading a local community app can help you not only connect with people in your neighborhood, but also get recommendations and advice on doctors, locations, services, etc.


Now that you’re getting settled in your new home, learn more about making the most of your budget with tips and tools for tax season and beyond.