Safe Debit Account

Enjoy the perks without the checks.

Applicants ages 18 years and over may apply for a Safe Debit account individually or jointly. Those ages 14 through 17 must apply jointly with an adult.

Safe Debit Account1 details

 Monthly maintenance fee


(Cannot be waived)

What is a Safe Debit Account?

It’s a check-less checking account, an alternative to traditional checking. Deposits, withdrawals and payments can be made similar to any other U.S. Bank deposit account.

The Safe Debit Account is suitable for those who want a debit card but don’t need to write checks. It is particularly suitable as a joint account with a minor.

Safe Debit Account benefits

Basic banking must-haves

No overdraft fees

With a debit card, you’re less likely to overdraw on your account. But in case you do, there are no overdraft charges.4

Free credit score access5

Take advantage of free access to the TransUnion® CreditView™ Dashboard through mobile and online banking.

  • See your VantageScore® 3.0 credit score and ranking.
  • Use Score Simulator to see an estimated credit score if you take certain credit actions.
  • Find helpful credit education information and resources.

Discounts on money orders

Send money quickly and securely with discounted money orders.

Open an account online.

It's fast and easy, typically taking only a few minutes.

The Safe Debit account can be opened individually or jointly if you’re 18 years old or over. To open a joint account online, simply select the Joint option when applying. Here’s what you’ll need to open an account online.

Note: Applicants ages 14 through 17 may open a Safe Debit account jointly with an adult. They may do so together online or in person at a branch. Stop by a local branch together or schedule an appointment in advance. Learn more about opening an account for a minor.

Frequently asked questions

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