Transform your healthcare payments.

As healthcare financial services evolve, you need a healthcare payment system that enhances your patient experience and improves the medical billing process. Let’s upgrade your healthcare technology for faster payments.

Patient billing

Use a healthcare payment system so you can collect more payments, replace manual processes and issue patient refunds faster.

Payment systems for providers 

Claim payments and member premiums

Payment processing for healthcare payers so you can manage every medical billing transaction.

Payment processing for payers 

Focus on the health of your business.

Whether you provide direct patient care, pharmaceutical solutions, medical device technology or insurance, we're here to support your financial, operational and investment goals. Our healthcare industry experts understand the nuances of your business and stand beside you to help keep your financial operations running smoothly.

  • Position your organization for sustained success with access to liquidity while reducing the effects of fluctuating interest rates. Get expert advice and assistance with loan syndications, debt capital markets, derivatives and foreign exchange.

  • Meet your needs and reach your goals with access to credit for your operating expenses, equipment and IT leasing or financing, inventory maintenance, vendor payments, or mergers and acquisitions.

  • Benefit from our global presence and commitment to superior service with in-depth healthcare industry expertise designed to help you meet all your trust and custody needs.

  • Meet your short-term and long-term investment needs. Gain confidence in all market conditions with investment solutions that balance risk and return.

Access our 2021 Healthcare Payments Insight Report.

COVID had a noticeable impact on how U.S. consumers received care in 2020, and in many cases, it also triggered a change to payment behavior. From telehealth to touchless check-ins and payments, keeping up with these changes is essential for providers to deliver safe, exceptional care.

Our third annual healthcare payments survey found:

  • 76% of consumers are somewhat or extremely concerned about touch payment devices and device sanitation.
  • 65% of consumers used telehealth last year, and 69% want it expanded.
  • 58% view providers with contactless payment options more favorably.

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