Building a unique dream home

These ideas really show how creative people can be when building their dream home.

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Published: July 26, 2018

There’s a lot to think about when finding or building the house of your dreams. Some people are lucky enough to find their dream home within a few weeks. All the stars seem to align, they make an offer and pretty soon they’re moving furniture into the bedroom and appliances into the kitchen.

Oftentimes, those who choose to build their own home were simply unable to find the home that was just right for them. Or perhaps they just wanted to start from scratch and avoid having to compromise.

Then there are those who have eccentric tastes and want a house that few builders have ever built, something unlike anything else on the market. If you think you have some interesting tastes, check out these utterly unique dream-home ideas.

A home meant for fishing
 — There’s no shortage of people who live and breathe fishing, but one man in Oklahoma loved it so much he decided he wanted to fish without leaving his home. Built on concrete supports over a pond, the house is laid out like a normal house, except there’s one catch. There’s a hatch in the living room that opens directly over the water. So if it’s a bad weather day, he can stay inside, drop a line and pull up dinner!

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe
 — We all know the old nursery rhyme, but in an instance when fact collided with fiction, Mahlon N. Haines — a man who made his millions from selling shoes — built a house in 1948 shaped like a shoe. It has since passed through many owners and is now open to the public for tours.

A Hobbit home
 — With millions of Lord of the Rings Fans around the world, thousands have fantasized about making their homes resemble one of those cozy hobbit holes. And many have. So much so that one company now makes pre-fabricated hobbit homes. All you have to do is cover them with soil, plant the vegetation, decorate, and presto — you’re living in the Shire!

This is only a fraction of the interesting, eccentric and wonderful custom homes out there.

You too can have a home that has features, like that fishing hole, to perfectly tie in with your hobbies and lifestyle.


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