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Trust and estate planning

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What does it mean to leave a legacy?

Increasing numbers of people want their financial plan to reflect their values. Our eBook covers three strategies for how to build an enduring legacy that does just that.

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Estate planning


Estate taxes: Who pays, how much and when

If your assets are worth over a certain amount when you die, they could be subject to estate tax. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce your tax liability and protect your hard-earned wealth for future generations.

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Estate planning for your vacation home

Follow three steps to help ensure your vacation home is a haven, not a headache, for future generations.

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Estate planning as a family

An open dialogue with family members can help you successfully craft your estate plan.

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Generation-skipping tax: How it can affect your estate plan

The GST exemption allows you to “skip” a generation of heirs when handing down assets.

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How to prepare your digital estate plan

Learn what’s included in a digital estate plan, how these assets are handled after you die and how you can prepare your online accounts.

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Setting up a trust


Why put land in a trust?

Farm and ranch landowners run several risks when they fail to make a transition plan.

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Trust terms you need to know

Understanding common terms can help you feel more confident in your trust planning.

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How to set up a trust

A trust requires careful administration, but setting one up is a fairly simple process.

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5 potential benefits of setting up a trust

When you create a trust, you set up ways to take care of the people you love when you’re no longer able to.

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Preparing trust accounts


How to prepare for your trust planning meeting

What you need to know to make your meeting as successful as possible.

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How to choose a trustee of a trust

Naming your trustee is a critical step in setting up a trust.

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How to handle the emotions involved in trust planning

Four strategies to help make the trust planning process easier for everyone.

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Trust planning: Questions for beneficiaries to ask

Find out what to ask your parents and the trustee to take your next steps with confidence.

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Types of trusts: Choosing the right one for you

The kind of trust you select should reflect your unique wishes for how your assets are handled now and in the future.

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