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Irish Investment Limited Partnership legislation

Ireland’s ILP legislation recently secured parliamentary approval, and newly incorporated fund structures are expected by early 2021.

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Private equity’s steady growth trajectory

As the market for private equity grows, it’s important to understand the numbers and history around this complex offering.

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Choose a trustee in an evolving European market.

A variety of unique growth opportunities have emerged within the European debt and loan market over the last year.

Here’s what to consider

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Access global fund services in Luxembourg.

Clients and funds based in Luxembourg need an in-market partner with an efficient and transparent operating model. At U.S. Bank, we provide administration, corporate and depositary services in one seamless, multi-domicile solution across Luxembourg, Ireland and the U.S.

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Work with U.S. Bancorp Asset Management.

We’re dedicated to managing investment-grade fixed income strategies. Our experienced professionals propose solutions based on a thorough understanding of your organization’s needs.

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