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We’re here to learn and understand your organization – from how it operates to your short- and long-term goals. Our global corporate trust team offers expert guidance and flexible solutions to private and public companies, government and tax-exempt entities and financial institutions.

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What is the best fit for your corporate trust service needs?

Structured finance trust services

Achieve your unique business goals with our innovative trustee, administrative and agency tools. From loan administration services for securitization markets to document safekeeping from an agency-approved, private label custodian and more, we’re here to help.

Collateralized loan obligations (CLO)

Asset backed and mortgage backed securities

Document custody

Corporate, escrow and municipal trust services

From the simplest to the most complex structures, we support a vast array of financing options for municipalities, health care facilities, higher education, nonprofit institutions and more.

Corporate finance

Public finance

Corporate escrow services

European trust solutions

Get dedicated experts, familiar with local needs and streamlined solutions with our European trustee and agency services.

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Customized trust services help keep you competitive in an evolving market.

Pivot client portal

Pivot provides you with direct views into daily cash, holdings and compliance information.

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Default services

Our experts take a hands-on approach to distressed situations, collaborating and exercising discretion, to meet the unique needs of security holders, professionals and issuers.

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Money market services

Explore efficient, cost-effective back office alternatives for servicing short-term debt with our money market services.

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Featured articles for your corporate trust needs

Outsourcing loan agency work

For lenders short on loan servicing expertise, outsourcing helps ensure the work gets done without the in-house headaches.

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Things to consider when managing complex transactions

When considering a corporate trustee partner, look for reliable resources, technology and experience.

Be prepared for complex transactions

Five qualities to look for in a service provider

Your service partner needs to move fast when the time is right. Consider a one-stop shop that can turn documents around quickly and close the deal.

Consider a one-stop shop

The right M&A escrow services team

Finding the right escrow services team for your merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions is more important than ever. Here’s what to look for as you choose an escrow partner.

Choosing your M&A escrow partner

Bondholder services

Our customer service representatives receive extensive training enabling them to accurately and efficiently provide solutions to bondholder and investor requests. For additional information or if you have questions, download the PDF for more sources.

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About U.S. Bank Trust Company, National Association

U.S. Bank National Association has made a strategic decision to reposition its U.S.-based Global Corporate Trust business. As a result, some of the trustee and agency services will now be provided by U.S. Bank Trust Company, National Association. Impacted transactions will receive a separate detailed notification.