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How to save money in college: easy ways to spend less


A hand places a toy coffee cup near a tiny laptop, water bottle, calculator, and graded test. Text, Easy ways to spend less during college.

Toy notebooks and pencil. Text, Rent, download or buy used textbooks.

Multiples of toy items. Text, Buy in bulk, and split cost with friends.

Toy clothing. Text, Need a wardrobe update? Attend - or host - a clothing swap.

Hand places a toy washing machine. Text, Do full loads of laundry.

Film strip, toy T-shirt, rake, gloves, and dog tag. Letters spell Fair. Text, Volunteer at events for free entry.

A hand takes a toy yoga mat. Text, Work out at the free campus gym. A finger pulls away a toy towel.

A hand places a toy airplane near toy plates, bags, and a travel magazine. Text, Score student discounts at restaurants, stores and travel sites.

Toy money, stamps and a calculator. Text, Pay bills on time to avoid late fees.

Toy barbell, smartphone, money and doughnuts. Text, Make every dollar count.

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How to save money in college: easy ways to spend less

When you’re on a tight student budget, every little bit you can save helps. Here are eight simple ways to cut costs during college.

Tags: Budgeting, Payments, Savings, Student
Published: July 24, 2019

Finding smart ways to spend less in college can help you stick to your budget and set aside money for future goals. Check out these simple money-saving tips.


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