Money Market Instruments

Make short work of short-term debt.

Explore efficient, cost-effective alternatives for servicing short-term debt with our money market instruments. We continuously invest in technology that enables us to offer a complete selection of full-service issuing and paying agent solutions.

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Lars Anderson
Senior Vice President

Full-service issuing and paying agent solutions

Looking for a better way to deliver your short-term debt options? Put our technology and solutions to work for you.

Issuing and paying agent solutions

  • Commercial paper
  • Certificates of deposit
  • Medium-term notes
  • Bankers' acceptances
  • Short-term bank notes
  • Extendible commercial paper notes

Online convenience

Our web-based processing and reporting tool, SPANS, allows you to manage your short-term debt easily and conveniently.

Portal benefits

  • Approve trades prior to release for settlement
  • Customize reporting and export data into a variety of formats
  • Set varying security levels
  • Work with multiple currencies
  • Compare indices
  • Access report and research information, including dealer comparison reports
  • Store and access past trades