Send payments

Drive down administrative costs, control spending, increase visibility into your expenses and streamline your payments. Send funds to the vendor across the street or the supplier across the globe with our cutting-edge accounts payable solutions.

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Real-time payments

Manage cash flow with always-on payments and rich data.

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AP automation

Simplify invoice processing and payment disbursement.

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Digital disbursement

Use one versatile platform to streamline payment issuance.

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Faster payments

Realize efficiencies with faster digital payment tools.

Receive payments

Process payments and simplify operations with automation and visibility into your reconciliation data so you can access your funds quicker. Optimize your entire accounts receivable journey with our powerful A/R solutions.

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Digital billing

Reduce manual collection and processing efforts.

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Receivables solutions

Increase visibility and decrease risk with our cash, check and digital receivables solutions.

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Integrated receivables

Use automated tools to consolidate payments while reducing manual work and exceptions.

Treasury connectivity

Easily manage your payables and receivables with our treasury connectivity solutions that bring strategy and opportunity together. U.S. Bank connectivity tools bring you closer to your customers.

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Handle all daily and time-critical treasury and cash management tasks in one powerful online portal.

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Optimize your IT infrastructure and get flexible, real-time visibility with APIs.

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ERP integrators

Directly access treasury management via your familiar ERP dashboard.

 Illustration of a credit card and a computer, with arrows connecting them to signify information being transmitted

File transmission

Process batches of payments securely and cost-effectively.

Connected Partnership Network makes embedded banking possible.

You don’t have to reimagine who you work with, to reimagine how you work. Through the U.S. Bank Connected Partnership Network, you can make embedded payment and reporting experiences possible. Discover partners carefully curated for your business and learn how to securely and seamlessly integrate with them.

Liquidity solutions

Do more with your investable account balances, even in fluctuating market conditions. We’ll help you refine your cash flow and investment strategies while mitigating risk.

Fraud solutions

Reducing fraud risk and enhancing the security of your payments ecosystem is a constant goal for U.S. Bank. We equip you with the tools needed to solidify your fraud protection efforts.

Man wearing a business suit standing next to a woman in a suit and they are looking at a tablet device.

Instant payments are quickly gaining popularity.

According to our large-scale survey of 1,420 senior financial leaders at organizations across America, instant payment adoption is set to skyrocket. More than two-thirds (68%) of respondents said they plan to use instant payments within two years. Why are instant payments gaining popularity so quickly? Our article and accompanying infographic tell the story.

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Client success stories

Organizations across industries are using U.S. Bank treasury and payment solutions to drive their businesses forward. From digitizing payables and receivables to implementing virtual credit cards to simplifying customer payments, these stories let you read how clients partner with us to help them transform their payments operations. 


Three co-workers discussing something around a desk.

Is treasury management ready for artificial intelligence?

Your business needs to understand Al technology capabilities in terms of future opportunities so you can make strategic decisions that keep you ahead of the competition.

Businessman wearing glasses, suit and tie looking financial charts on his computer.

Virtual Account Management (VAM) explained

VAM can help maximize liquidity, save time and money, and simplify reporting. This article highlights what corporate treasurers should know about this virtual solution.

Two male coworkers looking at four large monitors showing financial charts.

Wire transfer or ACH: What’s better for international payments?

Wires and ACH are popular international payment methods, but sometimes it’s not clear which one your business should use. We have some tips.

Talk to a treasury management expert.

If you’re thinking about taking steps to improve your accounts payable or accounts receivable, the U.S. Bank treasury and payments team is here to help.

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