Why do you need a business line of credit?

For sudden expenses, cash-flow needs and major purchases, a line of credit allows you quick, easy access to your available funds.

Cash flow manager

Manage cash flow.
  • Up to $250,000
  • Manage cash flow
  • Competitive rates with the option to lock in a fixed rate

Business line of credit

Purchase materials, equipment or inventory.
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Interest-only payment option

Business equity line of credit

Use real estate as equity.
  • Revolving terms with a 5-year maximum
  • Monthly interest-only payments

Business reserve line

Protection from overdraft charges.

Get help finding an option to meet your need.

Answer a few questions, and we’ll help you understand your business lending options.

Understand key characteristics of a business loan.

  • One-time payout of funds
  • Interest rates are typically lower than a line of credit
  • Interest is paid on full amount
  • Repayment is a fixed monthly payment
  • May have a prepayment fee
  • Fixed repayment timeline

What’s your Financial IQ?

Leverage credit to plug gaps in business cash flow.

Understand what’s causing your cash flow problems and choose the right strategy to get your balance sheet back on track.

What type of business financing could be right for you?

Take a short quiz to help you find the right business financing option for your situation.

What type of loan may be right for your business?

Evaluate your business goals and specific needs to help you decide between a loan or line of credit.

Frequently asked questions

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