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Uncover the cost of a wedding


Text, U S Bank, 5 cost to consider when wedding planning. A vase with blue and white flowers. Invitations. Cards fall around the flowers. Some couples choose to save by sending digital invitations.

Attire, alterations, and grooming. a wedding dress moves without a body. Ceremony and reception venues. Consider a personal loan to finance major celebration costs. Unlike credit cards, personal loans have a limit set APR, so it's easier to stay within budget.

Food and drink. Buffets and self-serve stations with drinks can be affordable options. Music and entertainment. A harp spins into view. Other musical instruments pop up,

Text, U S Bank, Get more tips at U S Bank dot com slash financial I Q. Equal Housing Lender. Credit products offered by U S Bank National Association and subject to credit approval and program guidelines. Call your business banker for current rates and terms. Deposit products offered by U S Bank National Association Member FDIC copyright 2020 U S Bank.

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Uncover the cost of a wedding

From the invitations to the venue, weddings have many expenses. Here, we break down which costs to anticipate as you plan your celebration.

Tags: Budgeting, Planning, Goals, Savings
Published: April 29, 2020

Saying “yes” to spending your life with someone is a joyous occasion. As you make arrangements for the big day, consider which of these expenses make sense for your budget.

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