Preparing for IVF or adoption

June 18, 2020

Whether you’re planning to adopt or start in vitro fertilization, preparing for the journey is essential.


The path to parenthood is unique for all. Adoption and in vitro fertilization can involve particularly difficult financial and emotional decisions, so we’ve laid the groundwork to help guide your next steps.


Preparing for IVF: How much does IVF cost?

In addition to the cost of doctor visits, there are a slew of other IVF expenses you might face while pursuing in vitro fertilization. Additional health screenings, tests, consultations with specialists and prescription medications can all come into play throughout the process. These costs might increase if you do multiple rounds of IVF.


Preparing for adoption: How much does adoption cost?

If you’re considering adoption, you probably already know about standard adoption expenses and fees — but those aren’t the only costs to consider as you begin planning. Agency fees, home assessments, court costs or legal fees, counseling and travel are often a standard part of adopting a child.


Tips for preparing for IVF or adoption

  1. Evaluate your finances with a financial advisor. 
  2. Review your current insurance policy and find out what changes you’ll need to make.
  3. Research funding options such as government grants or personal loans.
  4. If you have multiple options for care services, weigh the cost against the quality of care before making any decisions.
  5. Add to your emergency fund so you’re prepared for unexpected hurdles.
  6. Learn the laws around adoption, parenthood and family planning.
  7. Prepare for a long process — from start to finish, adoption and IVF can take multiple years to complete.
  8. Join a support group to learn more about parenthood and connect with people in a similar situation.


Want to start saving more money for your future family? Find additional resources to better manage your finances.

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