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Adoption and IVF


Text, Preparing for the journey, adoption and IVF. Rattles, video games, and other toys.


Text, Are you considering adoption or IVF?

Both processes involve emotional and financial decisions.

Common adoption costs: agency fees, home assessments, court costs and legal fees, counseling or training, travel. An airplane, suitcase, gavel, and stroller

Text, Common IVF costs: consultations, tests, multiple cycles, medications. A calendar, stethoscope, and clipboard

Text, Here are tips to prepare for whichever path you choose. A onesie and rattle.

Text, Consult a professional to assess your options. A calculator, pens, and a pacifier. A hand staples some paperwork

Text, Get a financial evaluation. A clock, graphs, calculator, and $100 bill

Text, Check your insurance coverage and workplace benefits. A stethoscope, ID, and puzzle pieces

Text, Research funding options such as grants, loans, and crowdfunding. Money, bottle, and laptop

Text, Consider the quality and cost of services. Hands stack more money

Text, Save for unexpected expenses. Hands replace the money with a car

Text, Know your rights. Stamps, a birth certificate, and a gavel

Text, Prepare for the time it may take. A hand places a watch next to an ID card

Text, Join a support group to connect, share, and learn. Chairs around a table. Coffee and donuts

Two people join hands across a table.

Text, Everyone's journey to parenthood is unique. Children's books, drawings, and baby shoes

Text, U.S. Bank, usbank dot com slash financial i q. Copyright 2019, U.S. Bank Financial Association, Member FDIC. 

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Preparing for adoption and IVF

Whether you’re planning to adopt or start in vitro fertilization, preparing for the journey is essential.

Tags: Budgeting, Goals, Life events, Lifestyle, Planning
Published: August 14, 2019

The path to parenthood is unique for all. And we know adoption and in vitro fertilization can involve particularly difficult financial and emotional decisions. We’ve laid the groundwork to help guide your next steps.

Want to start saving money for your future family? Find additional resources to better manage your finances.

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