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September 13
Market Analysis

Dividend-paying stocks continue to deliver attractive results for investors seeking income, helping support equity prices in today’s market. Learn more in this week’s Market Analysis.

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2021 Investment outlook: 3 things to watch

We’re keeping an eye on three topics that are likely to have an impact on markets, the economy and investors.

Updated August 26
How COVID continues to impact the markets and economy

With new cases in the U.S. numbering over 100,000 per day, our market analysts consider the impact on economic recovery of COVID’s resurgence.

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Updated August 13
How will inflation impact investors in 2021?

Could an overheated economy trigger inflation? Our investment strategists weigh in.

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Updated July 26
Preparing for potential tax law changes

A variety of proposals are being considered that could result in a dramatic alteration to the nation’s tax laws. How might it affect you?

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Daily market analysis

September 15 | 4:03 p.m. CT

Market update:

The S&P 500 closed up 0.85% at 4,480.70 on Wednesday. For September, the S&P 500 is down about 0.9% so far. Equities remain an alternative for income-oriented investors. Dividend-paying equities are relatively attractive over select fixed income alternatives, helping support equity prices. At present, 48% of S&P 500 companies offer dividends yielding more than the 10-year Treasury's yield of 1.3%. Notably, more than 75% of companies within the Utilities, Real Estate, Consumer Staples and Energy sectors offer dividends beating the 10-year Treasury's yield.

Our take:

Consider a modest emphasis on equities, specifically large-size U.S. companies relative to international developed equities and core investment grade bonds, to provide broad sector representation to the economic recovery. Diversified portfolios should maintain modest bond exposure to U.S. corporate credit and non-agency, mortgage-backed securities within non-taxable strategies. We also emphasize opportunities in lower quality municipal bonds, reflecting improving state and local fundamentals. In certain objectives with larger allocations to fixed income, consider a modest preference for high yield securities and strategies benefiting from a steepening yield curve and rising inflation expectations.

Latest news & updates

September 1
Balancing opportunities and risks in today’s market

Learn which 4 key factors could have the biggest impact on stock prices during the final months of 2021, according to Eric Freedman, Chief Investment Officer, U.S. Bank Asset Management Group.

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Updated August 27
The infrastructure package takes center stage

A budget resolution agreed to in the House in late August appears to pave the way for Congress to enact a $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan as early as this fall. Learn what this may mean for markets and the economy’s recovery.

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Updated August 23
Is a market correction coming soon?

The S&P 500 has bounced back in spectacular fashion since 2020’s pandemic-induced recession – gaining 100% through mid-2021 – sparking questions in the minds of some investors about a possible market bubble.

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August 4
Is economic recovery on schedule or at risk?

The U.S. has transitioned from the most dramatic short-term recession in history to the fastest annual growth rate in nearly 18 years. What obstacles do we face on our way to a full economic recovery and how far off is it?

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July 28
Federal Reserve maintains supportive monetary policy

Noting a strengthening economy, the Federal Reserve left target interest rates unchanged today. Get our investment strategists’ take on current Fed policy.

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July 27
China and COVID-19 developments and their impact on capital markets

Recent moves by Chinese regulators highlight the additional risks investors must navigate when it comes to emerging markets.

Our investment strategists explain

How we analyze the economy

The economy doesn’t just move in a straight line. Our Health Check assesses its direction and how fast it’s moving.

U.S. Bank Global Health Check

Updated July 7
How will interest rates affect bond prices in 2021?

Is the time right for investors to consider taking on more risk in their bond portfolios?

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June 18
The markets and the Biden administration

We take a look at how the markets have fared so far and what to expect going forward.

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Media mentions

9.13 | CNBC | Article

10-year, 30-year Treasury yields fall to start the week

“Next week’s Fed meeting could hold important guidance around how it will structure asset purchase reductions, although a formal announcement is more likely at the November meeting,” U.S. Bank Wealth Management’s Bill Merz said.

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9.07 | Yahoo! Finance | Video

Market Recap: Tuesday, September 7

Stocks fell on Tuesday, with Wall Street indices retreating from last week's record highs. Lisa Erickson, U.S. Bank Wealth Management and Victoria Fernandez, Crossmark Global Investments Chief Market Strategist joined Yahoo Finance Live to discuss.

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9.01 | CNBC | Video

Fed tapering is not priced into the market: Veritas’ Branch

CNBC’s “Squawk Box” team discusses markets and Fed policy with Greg Branch of Veritas Financial and Lisa Erickson of U.S. Bank Wealth Management.

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Investment outlook

2021: Third Quarter

“We maintain a glass half-full perspective for diversified portfolios as we move to the year’s second half. While we acknowledge that recent corporate sales and profit growth will likely ease and macro data points may slow, global economic growth and corporate earnings will continue to grow,” says Eric Freedman, Chief Investment Officer, U.S. Bank Asset Management Group.

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