If your business has an annual revenue over $10 million, contact your Relationship Manager or request a call to get help with the complexities of setting up your company for electronic tax payments.

Schedule federal, state and local business tax payments

Designed with security and convenience in mind for business customers, EasyTax is Electronic Federal Tax Payment System® (EFTPS®) compliant so you can pay your quarterly and annual taxes to multiple jurisdictions all in one place.

How EasyTax works

  • Once enrolled, you will receive an access number and PIN to start paying your business taxes online.
  • Use your access number and PIN to initiate federal or state tax payments online or by touch-tone phone at least one business day prior to the tax due date.
  • U.S. Bank deducts the payment from your U.S. Bank business checking account.
  • U.S. Bank sends payments to the appropriate state agency or the IRS based on the calculated due date.


The benefits of an online business tax payment solution


Prevent missed tax payments

Online tax payments help eliminate writing checks, finding a check signer, preparing coupons or making a trip to the bank.


Secure payments

Your unique access number and PIN prevents unauthorized access, and you’ll receive a payment receipt and verification number with every transaction.


Compliance with EFT regulations

EasyTax complies with Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) systems, making it easy for federal, state and municipalities supporting electronic payments.


Automatic tax payment updates with flexible timing and options

View a query of transaction history or add or delete state and federal tax codes. Modify or cancel your payment up to one business day before your scheduled payment date.

SinglePoint Essentials ACH

Schedule and make federal, state and local tax payments online and benefit from advanced reporting options with SinglePoint Essentials ACH.

Essential business tax deduction tips

Even if you’re focused on front-end operations, as a business owner it benefits you to understand your tax situation and the savings you can have with business tax deductions.

Frequently asked questions

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