Optimize payment management to reach global customers.

Effectively manage your account receivables here and abroad with the industry expertise of U.S. Bank Payment Solutions.

Our customizable global payment processing solutions mitigate risk while providing your customers a choice of secure payment methods across all channels: on-site, e-commerce, mobile, invoicing, recurring payments and subscription services.

Let our payment processing professionals create payment management solutions that gets business done anywhere you operate across the globe.

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Accept payments anywhere, anyhow with customized payment processing solutions.

contactless payments contactless payments

Optimize payment processing to lower costs.

Streamline business processes, mitigate fraud, and reduce the cost of payment processing with our suite of transaction optimization solutions and services.

  • Significantly reduce processing rates for purchases made with commercial cards through Level 2 and Level 3 processing.
  • Lower debit card acceptance costs by authorizing them via the most cost-effective debit network.
  • Offset transaction costs with card brand compliant acceptance fee programs including Convenience Fees, Service Fees, and Credit Card Surcharge, which allow you to pass payment acceptance costs to customers.
contactless payments contactless payments

Complete your omnichannel strategy with contactless payments.

Create convenient and safe contactless payment experiences for your customers across all acceptance channels with safe on-site and digital solutions that reduce touchpoints.

  • Allow customers to pay with a simple tap of their card or phone and speed checkout times by eliminating signatures and printed receipts.
  • Offer curbside pickup service so customers can easily order online and pay ahead.
  • Add a “pay now” button or link to your mobile app, website, social sites and emails to accept digital payments quickly and securely from anywhere.
  • Email customers a digital invoice and allow them to securely submit payments remotely.

Grow globally and accept international payments.

Increase revenue and improve the customer experience with our global payment processing and multi-currency conversion solutions.

  • Draw on our global footprint and local payments expertise to expand into international markets.
  • Increase e-commerce reach by accepting international and local payment methods in nearly 100 countries.
  • Improve global cash management by processing payments in over 120 currencies and receiving funds in a choice of 17 settlement currencies.
  • Lower exchange rates with Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), which lets international customers pay for in-person purchases in their home currency.

Protect payment data and prevent payment fraud.

Safely transmit payment data, reduce risk, and minimize fraud to increase receivables and improve the customer experience.

  • Mitigate fraud, increase transaction authorization rates and retain customers with advanced fraud prevention solutions and services.
  • Partner with our data security professionals to implement payment solutions and treasury management processes that simplify PCI DSS compliance validation.
  • Improve Days Receivables Outstanding by tokenizing card data for repeat and recurring transactions.

Insights on how your business processes payments

Adapt to the new payments landscape.

Customers rely on digital technologies more than ever to interact, shop and pay for goods and services, so simply accepting credit and debit card payments is no longer enough.

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Implement service fees for government and education.

Use service and convenience fees on certain payments to cut costs and shore up revenues in the face of shortfalls and budget cuts.

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Digitize healthcare with contactless payments.

From telemedicine and virtual care to the state of online bill pay and healthcare payment processing, the way healthcare payments are made will continue to transform.

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