Private equity fund administration

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Success in today’s private equity space requires more than just market intelligence. As net flows steadily increase and new funds launch, you need a partner with proactive service teams and flexible solutions to help you develop your strategy.

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Our private equity fund administration solutions include:

Private equity capital calls, distributions and partnership accounting

Efficient, timely processing of capital activity for managers (GPs) and investors (LPs) as directed by the fund

Private equity fund administration

Record fund expenses, book accruals and facilitate allocations to the general partner and limited partners of the fund.


Fund waterfall administration

Calculation of hypothetical waterfall for financial and investor reporting and performance to determine the allocation of carried interest between the GP and the LPs for cash distributions.


Private equity investor relations

Interfacing with fund investors, including recording and tracking of capital commitments at fund close, performing investor KYC and AML and handling investor inquiries.

Financial reporting and audit support

Prepare quarterly and annual financial statements. Assist the auditor in their preparation and review of the annual report.

Private equity tax support

Prepare taxable income calculations and investor tax allocations. Prepare federal and state tax returns for partnerships and related entities as well as preparation of quarterly K-1 estimates, PFIC statements and FATCA/CRS compliance.

From our leaders


“U.S. Bank has the experience to handle a wide variety of structures and complexities, and when we partner with a PE firm with our core administration and other ancillary banking services, it helps get the fund off the ground quicker.”

Dylan Curley
Global Head of Business Development
U.S. Bank Global Fund Services

What types of private equity fund managers do you work with and what capabilities do you offer?

Our complete global private equity funds solutions, coupled with our large custody infrastructure, accommodate almost any requirements, regardless of the size or complexity of your fund. From specific investor statements, like ILPA reporting to capital account maintenance at the investor and fund levels to calculating the waterfall model based on the funds governing legal documents, our team can support all types of private equity, private credit or traded credit funds.

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