Exchange-traded product solutions

Smart solutions for your ETP, regardless of type.

Our comprehensive exchange-traded product (ETP) solutions are powered by relationship-driven professionals and industry-leading technology. From product development to full implementation, our dedicated team will help walk you through each milestone while seamlessly managing your active and passive ETPs, transparent funds and nontransparent structures.

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Comprehensive services for your exchange-traded products

Custody services

Benefit from our strong network of custody professionals who deliver accuracy and transparency for your assets.

  • Transfer coordination
  • Depository and non-depository services
  • Vault support
  • Fund trading, transfer, income and settlement
  • DTC daily settlement
  • Fed settlement

Multiple Series Trust services

Multiple series trusts offer an efficient means of operating an ETF in an increasingly complex compliance and governance landscape. Our service can help increase efficiencies and reduce costs and time to market.

  • Legal and operational oversight
  • Guidance with regulatory and implementation issues
  • Drafting fund registration materials

Regulatory services

Our dedicated team of professionals provides critical ETP regulatory information, risk-mitigating disclosure and compliance services to help meet the requirements of investment managers.

  • Portfolio compliance monitoring
  • Preparation of policies and procedures
  • Guidance on regulatory developments
  • Fund launch and start-up services support


ETP managers value the critical impact of our technology on their investments. Access an automated platform that leverages data to help improve product development, implementation support and ongoing guidance.

Our integrated platform combines the unique advantages of our two proprietary systems:

  • GENIUS is an integrated solution for your ETP processing that links all core applications into one central database
  • ICE ETF Hub is a front end order entry system that seamlessly connects advisors, authorized participants, distributors, other service providers on inflow and outflow of an ETF

Additional services

As a full-service provider, we also offer the following comprehensive services to help strengthen your competitive advantage.

  • Fund accounting services
  • Fund administration services
  • Regulatory administration services
  • Tax services
  • Transfer agent

From our leaders


“We take pride in our ability to listen to clients’ requirements and deliver comprehensive solutions that allow managers to focus on investment performance and distribution.”

Dylan Curley
Global Head of Business Development
U.S. Bank Global Fund Services

What's driving demand in the ETP space?

Recent industry and regulatory developments have expanded the types of ETPs that issuers can bring to market and streamlined the process for launching new funds. New products include non-transparent and semi-transparent ETFs that do not have to disclose their holdings on a daily basis, leveraged, inverse, and inverse-leveraged funds, and cryptocurrency related products. Our professionals can guide you through the benefits, risks and strategies surrounding these and other ETFs.

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