What is debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation is a good way to get on top of your payments and bills when you know your financial situation:

  • It combines all of your debts into one payment.
  • It could lower the interest rates you’re paying on each individual loan and help you pay off your debts faster.
  • Paying off debts on time or faster can improve your credit score.

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Is debt consolidation right for you?

Consider it for:

One payment a month at a fixed rate for fixed rate loans

Consolidate debts from other loans and credit cards into one payment.

Lower interest rates

Save on interest depending on the loan or line of credit that you may qualify for.

Faster debt payoff

Pay off debt sooner when you refinance and consolidate.

Improved credit

Build or repair your credit by making timely payments and faster payoffs.

May not be right for you if:

Debt to income is too high

If your debt load is more than half your income or the amount you owe is overwhelming, it might be a better idea to explore debt relief options.

Debt due to spending habits

Use budgeting tools to help develop better spending habits before you consider debt consolidation.

Current payments and rates

If your current debt monthly payments and rates are better than a debt consolidation, you’re better off staying put.

What are your debt consolidation options?

Debt consolidation starts by looking at your financial picture using our rate tools. Then, consider a loan or line of credit. You can use the money to pay off your debts more quickly.

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