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Uncover the cost of an international trip


Logo, U. S. Bank. A set of luggage. Text, Key costs to consider when planning an international trip.

Passports and visas

Vaccinations and medications. Check the State Department website for vaccination requirements.

Travel insurance. Protect yourself with extra medical insurance as well.

Power converters and other gear

Currency exchange costs. Look for a card with no foreign transaction fees. (Fees can cost up to 3 percent per purchase.) Cell phone fees and Wi-Fi. Buying a local SIM card could be much cheaper than an international phone plan.

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Uncover the cost of an international trip

Traveling abroad? Make sure your financial plan accounts for these common expenses.

Tags: Best practices, Lifestyle, Planning, Savings
Published: April 29, 2020

Unexpected travel costs can add up quickly. Use this list of essential items to make a realistic budget and prepare for your next adventure abroad.

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