COVID-19 safety recommendations: Are you ready to reopen?

Reopening is upon us, are you ready? We’re here to help as you begin to open your doors in the ‘new normal’ way of doing business.

Tags: Payments, Planning, COVID-19
Published: June 24, 2020

As you navigate the ‘new normal’ of operating your business, Elavon wants to ensure you that we are here for you during these challenging times. Here are five tips to make sure you are ready to reopen and flourish into the future.

1. Be in the know

As businesses start to reopen, it’s important that owners understand the safeguards put in place at a local, state and federal level. Follow the guidance of health officials to minimize risk to your customers and employees. Social distancing guidelines include 6 feet of distance between people and may include wearing a mask depending on where you live. To follow the latest recommendations for your community, visit the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) website to keep up-to-date on the latest guidelines.

2. Providing payment options now and in the future

In the past few months, many businesses have had to pivot their business strategy to keep their doors open. It’s important to keep safeguards in place while also slowing returning to the ‘new normal.’ People are still going to err on the side of caution as businesses navigate how to operate moving forward. Continue to offer curbside pick-up, online ordering and delivery services if available.

If your doors have temporarily closed and you are looking to offer new ways for your customers to pay, ask about our solutions that can offer online ordering and payments, order notifications, mobile payments and more. We can assist you with a plan to move forward while growing your potential revenue streams.

3. Avoiding contact at the point of sale

The ability to accept contactless payments should be an essential component of operating safely and minimizing the spread of germs. Cash is no longer king when safeguarding the payment experience. Contactless cards, phones and smartwatches are all convenient and quick ways to pay while avoiding contact at the point of sale.

According to 451 Researcher’s consumer surveys, of the nearly two in five (39%) U.S. cardholders that noted they have already received a contactless card, more than three in five (61%) said they’re using it. Additionally, 48% of cardholders who have received a contactless card from their bank said it has led to them using the card more often.

4. Provide your employees with tools and training

As your storefront traffic steadily increases, it’s important to ensure you continue to offer a safe and clean environment for your customers and employees. Some important tips for your point-of- sale environment include: 

  • Offering hand sanitizer for customers
  • Properly cleaning your payment device with a card reader cleaning card
  • Following the device manufacturer’s cleaning guidelines to avoid damage

5. Get social while distancing

The future of commerce is changing – whether you are a SMB restaurant or multiple-location retail store. Stay in contact with your customers, vendors and other businesses by actively engaging on social media. Get the word out on alternative services your business offers as you move toward reopening or simply adjusting what you offer your customers.

For more information on how we can help support your business, learn more about solutions tailored to small businesses here