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We work behind the scenes, so your growth can take center stage.

We've dedicated a robust, multidisciplinary team to focus on registered investment advisors (RIAs) and their clients. We invest in products and resources designed for you, making your job easier. When you partner with us, you receive transparent financial support, customized reporting and reliable investment management solutions to help deliver results while meeting your individual needs.

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Comprehensive services for registered investment advisors


We provide safekeeping and reporting for a wide variety of investment types, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, hedge funds, private placements and more.

Our service model provides you with access to an experienced, dedicated team that serves as an extension of your own staff. We’re committed to understanding your business and providing the best solutions for your business needs.


Credit can play a key role in the success of a client’s overall wealth strategy. From securities-based lending to mortgages, when your clients choose to borrow, it’s important that they work with experienced professionals who know the finer points of lending and can provide advice on a wide array of market options.

Our professional team will help you manage non-financial holdings based on a deep understanding of every asset. With us as your partner, we’ll help you strengthen your client relationships and gain access into this highly specialized investment segment.

Delegated trust

Regardless of the complexity of your needs, depend on us to serve as corporate trustee while you handle the investment management responsibilities.

With a vast network of expertise and experience, we likely have a solution that fits your trust needs regardless of complexity.

Cash products

We combine our proprietary First American Fund offering with a wide variety of U.S. Bank deposit products.

You’ll realize efficiencies with all your daily liquidity and short-term cash solutions in one place.

From our leaders


“You won’t find another institution that is committed to providing more services to the investment advisor community.”

Alan Markarian
National Manager, Investment Advisor Services
U.S. Bank Global Fund Services

What products can a fund administrator help support?

A fund administrator can support everything from annuities and trust services to cash management accounts, lending solutions, mutual funds, ETPs and more. Plus, we’re constantly improving our service capabilities to better streamline routine tasks – so we can spend more time serving you with expert advice.

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2019 Best Fund Administrator Over $100 Million

Fund Intelligence Operations and Services Awards


2019 Best Transfer Agent and Shareholder Services

Fund Intelligence Operations and Services Awards