3 simple brand awareness tips for your business

If you can improve your customer service, bolster your social engagement and build eco-friendly brand awareness, you can gain (and retain) more customers.

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Published: November 11, 2019

You’re always looking for ways to improve your small business, but you’ve recently noticed that your growth is plateauing. These tips for bolstering your brand awareness might help.

Think strategically about how to reach — and retain — more customers. Here are three simple steps that do just that.


1. Make doing business easy

Think about your buying process from start to finish. Is it easy? If you’re not sure, ask your customers via a simple online survey. If you get a lot of complaints about the same thing, you know that’s an area for improvement.

These are features of a positive purchase experience:

    ●  A user-friendly website

    ●  Products that are easy to find

    ●  Popular items always in stock

    ●  Consistency with product types offered

    ●  Quick responses to customer emails, phone calls and requests

    ●  Simple and accurate billing

    ●  Payment systems that process transactions without issue

Is there anything your business could do better? Something you know you’re missing from this list? If so, it might be time to make upgrades or improvements.

If your products or services are of the same or better quality than your competitors, a seamless purchasing experience can create customer loyalty and improve the frequency of repeat customers.


2. Add social media engagement to your marketing mix

Sites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat make marketing more interactive than ever. Don’t miss out on potential revenue by ignoring social media.

When used appropriately, social media can reach new customers, maintain a connection with existing customers and make every buyer feel valued. To make the most of social media marketing:

    ●  Stick to business. Avoid commenting on controversial issues that might push customers away. Avoid sharing negative personal experiences or complaining, as it might make people think twice about doing business with you.

    ●  Post often. The lifespan of a social media post is short, so update daily, if possible.

    ●  Vary material across platforms. Consider what each of your chosen platforms is designed to accomplish, and tailor your content to match.

    ●  Don’t post offensive comments. Posting nasty comments about someone’s gender, culture, sexual orientation or religion can alienate customers and ruin your reputation.

    ●  Engage your social media followers. Encourage interaction by answering questions posed to you and responding to others’ comments. You can also put up polls and ask questions of your own.

If the idea of participating on social media scares you, start with one platform and work with it for a while before you add more. Or hire someone to show you the ropes.


3. Become socially responsible

Consumers often prioritize purchasing goods and services from enterprises that are socially responsible. The visibility you gain from giving back to the community will double as advertising for your business.

Here are some simple ideas:

    ●  Go green. Make your business as green as possible. Encourage others to do the same. If you haven’t already, change the light bulbs, set up recycling bins and use email receipts (unless customers prefer otherwise). Consider green options in your supply chain. And let customers know you prioritize environmentally friendly practices by noting it at the bottom of your receipts.

    ●  Partner with a cause. Find a local organization important to you, and partner with it to raise money on its behalf. When the organization puts out its monthly newsletter, it very well might mention your business.

    ●  Serve meals at shelters. Twice a year, give back by having a service day where you and your employees head to a local homeless shelter to serve meals. This is something you can mention on your social media platforms.

    ●  Have a coat drive. Use all of your advertising mediums to let the community know you are collecting gently used coats for the needy. You’ll be surprised by people’s generosity.

Many social responsibility practices cost almost nothing to get started. And, from an advertising perspective, causes that require help from the community are a good way to engage customers and build trust.


Summing up

As a business owner, you can make strategic moves to improve customer service, bolster social media engagement and build eco-friendly brand awareness. By focusing on those three things, you’ll be taking steps to get and retain more customers. Which, at the end of the day, is what every business owner wants.



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