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A College Diploma


A blue tag with the text, Uncover the Cost.

A diploma in a frame. Text, uncover the cost of a college diploma.

Scattered credit cards. Text, application fees. Some schools will waive the fee if you visit campus. Income-eligible students can also request fee waivers.

Tuition, minus scholarships, grants, and financial aid.

A desk and computer. Text, borrowing costs. See if you qualify for federal student loans before looking into private lending options.



A couch, backpack, food, and school supplies. Text, living expenses.



Vehicles drive past. Text, commuting. Want more flexibility? Many online degree programs let you learn anytime, anywhere.

Lab supplies. Text, gadgets and software.

A backpack and school supplies. Text, textbooks and study materials. When possible, save by downloading or renting textbooks.

A clock rolls in. Text, credit hours. Earn credit, save time, and cut costs by testing out of required courses or transferring credits.

Graduation caps and confetti fall.


U.S. Bank logo. Text, learn more at u-s-bank.com slash financial-i-q.. Copyright 2019 U.S. Bank National Association Member FDIC. 

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Uncover the cost of a college diploma

Ready to apply to college? Explore the factors that influence the cost of a college education.

Tags: Budgeting, Goals, Loans, Planning, Student
Published: August 14, 2019

Yes, tuition is a biggie. But these days, the cost of obtaining a college education is much more than paying for classes. As you assess options, budget and plan your path ahead, keep these expenses in mind.


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