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About rewards
Do I earn rewards on credit card purchases made by my authorized user?Where can I find more information about your credit cards that earn rewards?
How do I check my rewards activity?Will I still receive rewards for purchases I put into an ExtendPay Plan?
How does an ExtendPay Plan affect my rewards or transactions?What's the phone number to the Rewards Center?

I already receive rewards through my credit card. Are these different then cash-back deals?

Rewards Center
How do I review and redeem my credit card rewards?When are my credit card rewards available to redeem?
What can I do if I redeemed my rewards for merchandise, but didn't get the order?

Cash Plus rewards
How do I choose my Cash Plus rewards categories?When can I choose my cash back categories for my Cash + credit card?
How do I check to see if I've enrolled in my Cash+ categories for the quarter?

FlexPerks rewards
After I redeem points for my annual fee, when will the credit post?How do I find my FlexPerks loyalty number?
Can I transfer rewards between my FlexPerks credit card to another credit card with rewards?
How do I redeem my points to cover my annual fee?
How can I transfer my FlexPoints?

Travel redemptions
Where can I find my itinerary in the Travel Rewards Center?How do I redeem my points for airline travel, hotel stays, car rentals, etc.?
What if the airline/rental company changes/cancels my reservations I redeemed my points for?

What's the phone number to call to redeem rewards for travel-related services?

Real-Time Rewards
How do I enroll in Real-Time Rewards?How do I redeem Real-Time Rewards?

Cash-back deals
How do I enroll to receive cash-back deals?Are my personal details shared with the cash-back deals merchants?
How do I manage alerts for cash-back deals?Does each card holder receive their own cash-back deals?
How do I get more personalized cash-back deals? 
Receiving credit from cash-back deals
How do I see how much I've earned from cash-back deals?Why didn't I get credit for a completed cash-back deal?
Will credits earned from cash-back deals count towards the minimum due on my credit card?Can I earn credit for cash-back deals if I use my mobile wallet?
How do I get my cash back from a cash-back deal? 
Using cash-back deals
Are cash-back deals available internationally?How do I activate offers and view previously activated cash-back deals?
Which cards are eligible for cash-back deals?