What can I do if my travel plans are cancelled by the airline, rental company, hotel, etc.?

Try directly contacting the airline, rental company, hotel, etc., if you've redeem your rewards for travel-related items. They may be able to assist with rebooking or refunding what was cancelled.

If the merchant issues a refund, you may want to clarify if it applies to the original payment method, or if they're offering a credit to use towards a future purchase with them. 

  • When the original payment method is refunded, that means the refund comes back to us (U.S. Bank). When we receive it, your rewards will be refunded accordingly. 
  • When a credit is given to use with the merchant, they'll have the specific details on the terms; such as how long you have to use it or if there's restrictions on when you can use it. 

For more details or any questions, contact our Rewards Center at 888-229-8864. We accept relay calls.