How do I manage alerts for cash-back deals?

Easily opt in or out of alerts for cash-back deals at any time. Here's how:

Online banking

  1. Select Customer service at the top of the page, then choose My alerts.
  2. Choose Cash-back deals from the "Notifications" menu on the left.
  3. Use the toggle switch to turn the alert on or off.

U.S. Bank Mobile App

  1. Open the main menu in the upper left corner of the screen.
  2. Choose Notifications, then select Cash-back deals.
  3. Use the toggle switch to turn push notifications and/or email notifications on or off.

Additional information

All eligible cards are automatically enrolled for cash-back deals. Your card(s) remain enrolled in this free feature whether you've turn alerts on or off. See: Which cards are eligible for cash-back deals?