I completed a cash-back deal but didn't receive a statement credit. Why is that?

The following are the most common reasons you may not have received a statement credit:

  • The offer may not have been activated.
  • The offer expired before it was completed.
  • The offer was not completed or was partially completed.
  • You’ve completed a cash-back deal within the past 7 business days and the statement credit is still processing.
  • An ineligible debit or credit card was used at checkout.

To ensure you receive a statement credit for a cash-back deal, ensure that the deal is activated, has not expired, and is completed with an eligible U.S. Bank debit or credit card. Additionally, review offer details by selecting the deal in question on the cash-back deals page. Some cash-back deals may have specific requirements as provided by the merchant.

If you completed a cash-back deal using an eligible card and have not received a statement credit after 7 business days, contact customer service using the number on the back of your card and a representative will be happy to help.