How do I redeem my credit card rewards?

There are a couple ways to find out what kind of rewards program you have. Check out the rewards section of your billing statement or log in to digital banking.

If your rewards program is with U.S. Bank (such as Shopper Cash, Cash+, FlexPerks or Altitude), follow the steps below.

To redeem your rewards using digital banking

  1. Online banking: Select your rewards card, then choose Go to rewards & benefits.
    U.S. Bank Mobile App: Select your rewards card, then choose the Rewards tab.
  2. Select Redeem rewards.
  3. Choose the category you'd like to browse (e.g., Rewards card or Travel) and follow the prompts to redeem.

More information

  • If you don't have the choice to view or redeem rewards, your rewards program may be with a retail partner such as an airline or grocery rewards card. 
  • For questions, please call our Rewards Center at 888-229-8864. We accept relay calls.

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