Collaborative, purposeful guidance

Turn passions into plans with a U.S. Bank goals coach.

We believe in human potential. The power that changes someone’s journey from “I wish” to “I will” to “I did.” The power that comes from you envisioning your future, even if the journey feels unclear. And whether you’re stuck, motivated, or somewhere in between, we all deserve a safe space to let down our guard and explore what really matters.

That’s why U.S. Bank offers free goals coaching. As your trusted listener and guide, a goals coach uses personalized tools and resources to help you explore what truly matters in life, financial or not. Through in-person or virtual conversations, you’ll unlock a newfound freedom by taking control of your future, your way.

Explore your goals.

Your coach helps pull your true self forward as you explore the goals most important to you.

Create your timeline.

You’ll determine when you want to reach each goal and see how it all relates to each other.

Gain connections and support.

Some goals may require more help to achieve. Your coach can connect you to the right people.

Real goals brought to life

See what customers are saying about their goals coaching experience.


Founded a nonprofit

‟When my photography business slowed down during the pandemic, my coach asked the right questions and helped me figure out the road to take to reinvent myself.”


Corey & Stephenie

Bought their first home

‟My coach is my accountability partner. We were on a two-year plan to save a down payment, and she helped us speed up the process.” (Corey is a U.S. Bank employee.)



Started a new career

‟Before I met with Coach Eddie, I had goals in mind but not measurable ones. I had dreams, but I always thought, ‘I’ll get to that one day.’ I never sat down to set a plan for the small steps.”


Why is coaching free?

We believe life guidance should be available to anyone who wants it, and the advice you get will not be generic.

What’s in it for the bank, you ask? Well, coaches can’t sell you anything. But our hope is as you achieve your goals, you’ll invest more in yourself via our products. Get answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Meet our coaches.

With backgrounds in psychology, education or related fields, coaches are trained to help you with things like sticking to a budget, building your career, pursuing a passion, or starting a business, to name a few.

Ready to dig in? Use our interactive calendar to schedule a 60-minute virtual session with a coach to start your journey. Having trouble deciding or scheduling? Fill out this form and we’ll help you get started.

Barry Saeger

With a background in college and career counseling, Barry is an empathetic and reliable accountability partner ready to help with the long-term goals, like buying a home or saving for something big.

Tim Klecker

As a professional writer with a background in personal finance, budgeting and debt, Tim helps clients balance passion and practicality, big dreams and measurable action plans.

Kacey Lorenzen

Kacey is a dependable and outgoing coach, ready to use her background in leadership and education to help you build a plan for your future.

Marta Depczynska

From budgeting to homebuying to career growth, Marta helps people identify obstacles and tackle them in smart, practical ways.

Nicole Freeman

Nicole loves helping people and families take a holistic view of their life and goals, helping them talk through their dreams, ideas and perspectives.

John Hirano

From college students finding their way to adults considering a significant change, John helps clients understand where they are now and take steps toward the future they desire.

Tiffany Fritchman

With a strong sense of humility and background in financial leadership positions, Tiffany will help you build confidence in achieving your goals.

Tamra Clark Champion

After 20+ years in financial services, Tamra’s gifts of intuition and empathy led to becoming a coach. She can help you uncover the answers you already have within you.

Marlie Love

With a Masters degree in positive coaching and a former business owner, Marlie can help you tackle any goal with a specific plan of action.

Walter Carey

With a business consulting background and 20 years of service in the U.S. Air Force, Walter helps entrepreneurs and families prepare for the future.

Eddie Rivera

With a background in executive coaching and leadership strategy, Eddie will help clarify your needs, identify and address the obstacles holding you back and create a plan for accomplishing each goal.

Lisa Schesso

After 30 years in banking and wealth management, Lisa became a coach to connect more deeply with the motivation and meaning behind her clients’ goals.

Ana Salazar

With 30 years of banking experience and small business development, Ana can help you pursue your passions like growing a business or gaining control of your household finances. También habla Español.

Frequently asked questions

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Goals coaches do not:

  • Recommend or offer any products or services of U.S. Bank or its affiliates.
  • Conduct financial planning or provide investment advice.
  • Make recommendations or give advice on matters involving health, including physical, mental, emotional or medical.

U.S. Bank assumes no responsibility for and makes no claims concerning the merit or sufficiency of your goals and does not assume any responsibility or liability for any losses or other outcomes resulting from decisions made by you, actions taken or not taken by you, in connection with U.S. Bank and U.S. Bank Goals Coaching services.

Coaching in any language other than English is indicated above by each coach name. The following U.S. Bank communications, and documents related to your contractual agreements, disclosures, notices, and statements, Internet and mobile banking services may only be available in English. You must be able to read and understand these documents, or have assistance in translating them, in order to understand and use this product or service. English documents available upon request.

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