As your financial partner, U.S. Bank is here to support you during tax season and all year long. Get access to forms and statements, tools and tips, and answers to all your common tax questions. Plus, receive assistance with savings, investment products and retirement accounts that can help you make the most of your tax savings. 

Getting started

Before you file, you may have some questions. Here are a few things you should know:


Explore free tax-filing and tax-preparation resources. 

Form 1040 from the IRS

File electronically through the IRS' Free File tool, plus get information on all things tax-related. 

Man doing his taxes at home

For free tax calculators, money-saving tools and helpful videos, visit TurboTax, plus take advantage of up to $20 off tax-filing services. 

woman doing her taxes at home

Boost your financial wellness by signing up for free webinars to learn new skills and create smart financial habits. 

man in a military uniform sitting with his wife and a dog

If you are active duty or reserve military, be sure to check if you are eligible for tax benefits and extensions. 

Preparing your taxes

You've brushed up on your tax knowledge and gathered all your forms. Now it's time to dive in. Here are a few factors and situations that could impact how your tax forms should be filed. 

wedding ring icon

You got married. 

From filing jointly to Head of Household status, learn about how to file now that you're officially a couple. 

house icon

You bought a house. 

Upgrading your status from "renter" to "owner could give you benefits if you itemize

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You added to your family. 

Any dependent is going to influence your taxes, from newborns to college students. 

broken heart icon

You got a divorce. 

Learn more about tax implications and liabilities for divorced couples.

graduation cap icon

You began or finished school.

Whether you're paying tuition or paying off student loans, here's what you need to know about school and taxes. 

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You started a side-hustle. 

Contract workers are responsible for paying their own taxes, among other responsibilities

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A family member passed away. 

If you represent a family member who has died, such as a spouse, you should file taxes on their behalf. 

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You invested in a tax-advantaged account. 

Explore different tax-advantaged accounts, such as an IRA, to discover possible deductions. 

father helping his son play with blocks

Claiming the Child Tax Credit

As part of the Biden Administration's American Rescue Plan, the 2021 Child Tax Credit has been expanded, increasing the amount that families can claim when they file their taxes. See if you qualify for the credit and learn how to claim. 

Overlooked deductions

Should I itemize my taxes? 

Changes in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act might mean you could save more by skipping itemizing and taking the standard deduction. 

Tax deductions on charitable donations

No matter how you give, most charitable donations are subject to different tax implications. 

mobile phone with the TurboTax website showing on the screen

Get up to $20 in savings when you file with TurboTax®

Plus, bulk up on your tax knowledge with free how-to videos, insightful tips, tax calculators and more. 

Explore helpful information for U.S. Bank mortgage customers. 

couple doing paperwork with their banker

Get instant access to your mortgage account. 

couple smiling and looking at a laptop

Explore your mortgage tax documents online.

couple showing their laptop screen to their banker

Find answers to your COVID-19 mortgage forbearance questions.

smiling woman looking at her mobile phone

Make the most of your refund. 

Our affiliate, U.S. Bancorp Investments, offers a number of investing options

One way is to leave the guesswork to Automated Investor which combines investing expertise with smart technology to automatically manage your investments. 

After filing

You've filed your taxes — congratulations! What comes next? 

Learn how tax-free or tax-advantage investment accounts can help with your financial goals. 

Read article

How to open and invest in a 529 plan

Woman holding a coffee cup and looking at her laptop

Investing in tax-advantage accounts

woman helping a man take his medication

Is an HSA missing from your retirement plan? 

Looking ahead

Filing your taxes is just one part of practicing good financial health—so what's next? Explore more tips and information for building on your wealth all year long. 

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Start saving. 

Whether you're putting away for a rainy day, or you have big financial goals, the best time to start saving is now. 

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Get tax-planning guidance. 

Taxes are a key part of managing your finances, and it can be challenging to navigate the terminology and ever-changing policies. 

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Invest for the future.

Save smartly for retirement with a tax-advantaged investment account, like an IRA. 

credit card icon

Pay off credit card debt faster. 

Debt can be a useful financial tool if you use it wisely. Knowing how to manage debt is a critical component of building your financial wellness. 

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Invest online.

With online investing options from our affiliate, U.S. Bancorp Investments, you can set a goal and let Automated Investor take care of the heavy lifting for you. Or choose your own investments with a self-directed account

People reading a financial document together

Tax tips for year-round planning

Even through we consider January through April to be "tax season," tax planning should be a year-round activity. Thoughtful planning could help you reduce your tax liabilities the next time the season rolls around. 

Tax planning

Managing your taxes is part of a healthy financial lifestyle. Be sure your financial plans are tax-friendly with these articles. 

A guide to tax diversification in investing

Using a variety of investment accounts and financial strategies may help reduce the taxes you pay over your lifetime. 

How retirement income is taxed

Don't overlook the impact of taxes as you plot out your retirement income strategy. Review tax guidelines for common retirement income sources. 

Tax deductions on charitable donations

Charitable donations are all subject to different tax implications, so it's important to know what's expected come tax season. 

Want to know more? Take an in-depth look at our tax-planning resources here.



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