A who’s who at your local bank

Meet the professionals ready to help you navigate your financial questions, plus resources to take advantage of.

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Published: October 14, 2020

For some, in-person banking doesn’t extend past the ATM. But there’s so much more available when you get to know all the faces at your local bank. U.S. Bank has many professionals with knowledge and resources to share. Whether you need cash, are interested in taking out a loan or simply want assistance mapping out your financial goals, there’s someone at your local branch to help. Here are just a few of the friendly faces you can count on.


Even if you haven’t explored all your bank has to offer, chances are you’ve interacted with a teller. They’re the person sitting behind the counter who you’ll work with when you make a deposit or a withdrawal. They answer the phone, count cash and file paperwork. They can also provide certified checks and money orders at your request, transfer cash to foreign currency, and prepare savings bonds. If you ever have a question about where to find a certain resource or need help but aren’t sure where to go, your teller will be happy to lead you in the right direction.

Personal Banker

When you join the bank, the personal banker’s role is to help you get acclimated by setting up an account and making sure you’re familiar with what’s available in personal banking. You can speak with them about your personalized preferences and needs, such as overdraft protection. If you would like to set up separate bank accounts for your children, for example, the personal banker can assist you with this or simply help you manage an existing account. Personal bankers are also there for you if you ever have questions or concerns about loans, credit cards or exploring different services for your needs.

Wealth Management Professional

Wealth professionals wear many hats within the bank. These include wealth planning, investments, estate planning, trust administration, wealth management banking, insurance and other specialty services.1

Whatever your situation may be, a wealth professional will be interested in your specific needs, lifestyle and goals. They’ll listen to your values and help you make a plan that aligns with this. For example, if you wanted to retire in 20 years, your wealth professional – surrounded with a team of specialists – could help pinpoint the amount of money you would want to save, which types of accounts make the most sense and which types of insurance to choose. They can also meet with you to map out a long-term wealth strategy with minimal risk and talk about steps to take along the way to stay on track.

Different levels of support are available depending on your income and assets, but any investor can utilize the U.S. Bancorp Investments Wealth Management Advisory Center for basic guidance from a financial advisor.

Goals Coach

A goals coach2 is similar to the financial advisor in that they both support you and guide you in the right direction financially. While some financial advisors offer exclusive resources depending on your wealth status, a goals coach is accessible to anyone. These passionate individuals work with customers one-on-one to explore different goals, make plans of action and discuss strategic steps to make them a reality. Whether the goal is to develop a realistic budget and stick to it or explore a new career path, the goals coach is there to be your teammate and uplift you along the way. They’ll even provide additional resources and strategies for any roadblocks that may come up along the way.

Mortgage Loan Officer

If you’re purchasing a home, you’ll likely work with a mortgage loan officer. This person will walk you through the home-buying process so you’re aware of what to expect from start to finish. If you’re a first-time home buyer, this can be especially helpful. They’ll assist you with the loan application process and also make sure you’re choosing the right type of loan and ideal terms of the agreement for your situation. From the administrative side of the process, like collecting and verifying financial documents, to big picture discussions, the mortgage loan officer is in your corner during the journey to home ownership.

Online banking and the U.S. Bank Mobile App are great resources for the easy accessibility and convenience. But when it comes to step-by-step guidance and personalized service, be sure to stop by your local bank branch. Get specific questions answered by your teller, get to know your personal banker and enjoy all the in-person resources at your fingertips to make the most of your banking experience.


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1U.S. Bank offers wealth planning, investments, trusts and estates administration, wealth management banking and specialty services. U.S. Bancorp Investments provides wealth planning, investments and insurance.

2 U.S. Bank Goals Coach services are currently only offered in the Las Vegas market.