10 ways a global custodian can support your growth

July 26, 2022

Whether you’re an international organization or your needs are geographically specific, the broad footprint and diverse resources of a global custodian provide many benefits.

Finding a custodian that’s the perfect fit for your organization can be a challenge. You need a reliable partner with the reach and resources to support you when and where you need. That’s why many companies now rely on global custodians to drive growth and promote future success. Here are some of the advantages they can offer.


They keep things simple for you.

Global custodians, by necessity, have advanced systems in place that make it easy for clients to work with them. Look for them to use automation, straight-through processing and end-to-end design techniques to eliminate handoffs and streamline the client experience.


They provide cash solution options.

From trade execution to analytics, a global custodian can help you maximize operational efficiencies in key aspects of your liquidity management. They usually have resources to consolidate your money fund investing, provide credit facilities, offer securities lending options and more.


They keep investing in technology.

As needs and regulations shift, global custodians are better equipped to stay agile and make enhancements to their systems and processes. They continuously invest in automation, robotics, SWIFT integration and other innovations to simplify processes, remove manual touchpoints and reduce risk.


They stay focused on risk management.

Global custodians place relentless emphasis on risk management to keep your assets safe and secure. Their organizations usually employ strong control infrastructures, rigorous training requirements, comprehensive risk practices and robust cybersecurity and compliance programs.


They expand their support team based on client needs.

The broad reach of a global custodian often produces a more personalized experience for clients. While this may seem counterintuitive, an expansive international network enables them to allocate the right resources and expertise toward your specific requirements and goals. Having locations in different time zones also improves accessibility and responsiveness.


They give you access to new markets.

As markets open and evolve, new opportunities emerge. A globally networked custodian partners with local or regionally based institutions to deliver market access to their clients. Local custodians facilitate the settlement of transactions, handle foreign exchange activity and processes corporate actions (e.g., proxy voting, income events) on long-held positions.


They offer regionally based expertise.

Frontier and emerging markets around the globe are continuing to become more accessible for non-resident investors. Regionally based experts are dedicated to understanding your organization and delivering solutions tailored to you and your portfolio.


They leverage their foreign exchange flexibility.

Different currencies rise and fall in value. A custodian with expertise in numerous markets and currencies can not only navigate these fluctuations but use them to your advantage.


They stay ahead of industry trends.

Global custodians must stay attuned to many of the different factors that influence holdings today and into the future. They’re invested in developing critical processes and technology to meet heightened standards around anti-money laundering protocols, economic sanctions policies and other concerns.


They can often serve as a one-stop shop.

Often, global custodians can provide custody, banking, trust services, depositary services, cash management, securities lending and other solutions. Instead of using multiple vendors for these roles, it can be more efficient and cost effective to access them all in one place.


Utilizing a global custodian has many benefits that lead to organizational growth. Taking advantage of the opportunity to work with a trusted partner with the reach and resources to support your goals will let you focus on creating a successful future for your business.


Visit usbank.com/custody to learn more about our custody solutions.

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