How does an electronic point of sale help your business keep track of every dime?

ePOS technology helps pub owners go beyond simply taking payments. Learn how business owners maximize their efficiency and impact of overhead with their ePOS.

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Published: August 25, 2021

It’s misleading to think of your pub overhead as an unwanted drain on your bottom line. The truth is you can’t turn a profit without incurring costs. Think of your overhead and operating costs as the weight on the other end of the seesaw that lifts the rest of your business up.

The majority of your overhead will go toward the food and drinks you turn from cost to profit, the salaries of the staff that gives your pub its personality, and the essentials that keep the lights on and the service to a healthy standard.

Rather than bemoan the fact it takes money to make money in hospitality, maximize the efficiency and impact of your overhead by using your pub ePOS system to draw every advantage possible to make your business a success.


Why electronic point of sale systems matter

Your electronic point of sale (ePOS) system is the heart of your business. Modern systems use the internet to create an all-in-one platform that controls and monitors all your service and management tasks. By combining mobile customer service devices, such as iPads, with leading business software affordably delivered online through on-demand subscriptions, the best pub ePOS systems offer the opportunity to streamline every aspect of your business.

You can use this system to effectively decrease your overhead costs by:

  1. Reducing waste, 
  2. Maximizing staff performance, 
  3. Improving the customer experience, and 
  4. Analyzing sales and marketing performance

The right ePOS solution will allow you to get the most bang for your buck and make sure the resources you spend on your business get repaid with an improved bottom line.


1. Reduce waste with a pub ePOS system

The electronic part of an ePOS system is a modern small business essential. By upgrading your inventory, purchase orders, and invoices to digital you get a more accurate understanding of your assets.

Digital inventory turns the vagaries of a bottle of bourbon or a bag of flour into the detail of unit tracking. Every bulk order can be reduced to a practical count so that you see exactly where your money is going.

Going digital also means you can better assess your supplier partnerships, the efficiency of your kitchen, and the profitability of your menu.


2. Maximize staff performance

Your staff is the personality of your business, but they’re only as efficient as the systems and tools around them. To make the most of your salary overhead and guarantee your team’s success, make things as easy as possible.

Mobile, digital ordering systems can reduce waste by sending clear messages to multiple staff stations at once; linking your kitchen, bar, and front-of-house with table management software makes it simple to quickly accommodate the walk-ins that represent the core of pub patrons.

You can also turn your all-in-one pub ePOS system over to your staff with password-protected access so they can organize their own rosters, record their tips, and take ownership over the roles in your business.


3. Improve the customer experience

Your pub’s ambiance is a big part of its appeal. You can maximize your cost on the rent, utilities, and quality of food and beverages by working to make sure nothing gets in the way of your customers having a memorable time.

A quality pub ePOS system will include mobile payment devices and software that effortlessly splits bills and establishes tabs to help you reduce the impact of a complicated final transaction during a busy night.

You should also be able to encourage return business with a personalized customer loyalty program that gives customers an excuse to come back to your pub, next time with more friends in tow.


4. Analyze sales and marketing performance

Perhaps the most valuable contribution a pub ePOS system can make to maximizing the effectiveness of your overhead is through data and sales analysis. This modern-day essential lets a business of any size scientifically assess how it makes money and how to pursue practical steps to make more.

Data analysis will provide insight into how employee performance, food and beverage quality, marketing efforts, and more impact your bottom line.

If you want to know what your patrons are buying, and what they’re avoiding, you need a quality ePOS system.

A pub ePOS system turns your overhead into profit

Your overhead is your path to profit—get it right, and it becomes a rewarding investment in your future. You have to spend money on resources before you can sell them to your customers. In the hospitality industry that overhead includes the salaries, rent, and utilities that create the ambiance your customers come to love.

Rather than see these expenses as a negative drain on your potential, you should treat them as the building blocks for success.

With the right ePOS system, your overhead is just the starting point for your profits.

Here at talech, we will help design the pub ePOS system for your unique business needs and that fits your budget. Our engineers work alongside you to maximize your pub’s appeal and help you get the most for your money by harnessing the best technology and software.


Learn more about how our point of sale technology, talech, allows you to run your pub or restaurant better.