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Taxes are a key part of managing your finances, and it can be challenging to navigate the terminology and ever-changing policies. The following information and resources may also help maximize your benefits and minimize any surprises.

While we don’t provide tax advice, we can work in partnership with your tax advisors to help optimize and structure your financial plan.

Article (updated July 26)
How Biden’s tax policy changes could affect you

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Tax Webinar: How to prepare for potential tax policy changes

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Quick reference tax planning guide

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Tax basics


6 year-round tax tips

Thoughtful planning year-round can help you reduce your tax liabilities.

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7 tax terms and concepts you should know

From withholding and filing status to deductions and deadlines, get up to speed in time for the next Tax Day.

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How the mortgage interest deduction saves you money

Especially for new or potential homeowners, it’s important to understand the tax advantages a mortgage offers.

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Should I itemize my taxes?

Changes in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act might mean you could save more by skipping itemizing and taking the standard deduction.

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10 wealth tax issues you may not know exist

Your tax rate, tax deductions and what you owe Uncle Sam could all be affected.

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6 tax tips for year-end financial planning

As the end of the year approaches, consider taking time to prepare for the upcoming tax season.

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Taxes and investing


A guide to tax diversification in investing

Using a variety of investment accounts and financial strategies may help reduce the taxes you pay over your lifetime.

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What is alternative minimum tax (AMT)?

The AMT was created to make sure wealthy taxpayers pay their fair share of taxes. Here’s how it could affect you at tax time.

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Impact of taxes on investment returns

Understanding your portfolio’s tax characteristics is a step toward more efficient investing.

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4 benefits of an IRA

Look beyond your 401(k) or pension to maximize the power of your retirement savings.

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How to rollover your 401(k)

What can you do with a 401(k) after you leave a job? Explore your options.

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Tax planning resources


6 strategies for charitable tax deductions

The reason people donate is often lost in the discussion about how taxes affect charitable donations.

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The real impact of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Two ways you may be able to benefit through 2025.

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6 ways the SECURE act will change your retirement saving

A look at the key provisions and how they may affect your retirement planning.

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Taxes in retirement

Don’t overlook the impact of taxes as you plot out your retirement income strategy.

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Tax benefits of charitable giving

There are many ways to “share the wealth,” but careful planning can make a difference.

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Generation-skipping tax: How it can affect your estate plan

The GST exemption allows you to “skip” a generation of heirs when handing down assets.

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Potential tax policy changes Q&A


A change of leadership in the White House and U.S. Senate could result in major changes in tax policy. While details may not be clear for weeks or months, we can help you understand how potential changes may impact your planning in the future.

Q. What are anticipated tax policy changes that would affect me most as an individual taxpayer?

A. Most tax policy proposals under the Biden administration will likely focus on the corporations and wealthier Americans shouldering a larger share of the nation’s tax burden.

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