Corporate travel and procurement solutions that lead your business forward

Gain better visibility into your purchasing and travel spending and drive down costs with our corporate payment solutions.

Purchasing Card

Simplify and streamline your procure-to-pay process.

Replace check payments with the U.S. Bank Purchasing Card – and boost efficiency while decreasing costs and improving spend insight.

Corporate Travel Card

Manage corporate travel without the turbulence.

Get a complete business travel payment and expense management solution, with worldwide merchant acceptance and no annual card fees.

Corporate expense credit card

One card. One process. One solution.

Keeping track of employee purchases made with a variety of cards can be complicated. With the U.S. Bank One Card, your employees can pay for airfare, supplies, fuel and everyday expenses with a single card.

Virtual Credit Cards

Maximize efficiency, grow revenue and reduce risk

Streamline payment and reconciliation while mitigating payment fraud risk and expanding rebate revenue opportunity.

Commercial rewards card

Transform your payments.

Gain better spend insights, improve cashflow and replace manual processes with a card backed by a complete card, expense and travel management platform developed specifically for middle market businesses.

Executive & Executive Platinum Cards

Reward your executives and frequent business travelers.

Take the stress out of traveling with exclusive rewards and premium benefits for cardholders.

Global Travel Program

Your global business. Our local expertise.

Wherever business takes you, we are there to support you with proven payment programs built to meet your requirements.

Travel Virtual Pay

Simplify payment for infrequent travelers.

Capture major travel expenses for those who do not have a corporate travel card, such as infrequent travelers, job applicants or contractors.


Make managing cards, trips and business expenses easier.

Effortlessly handle all of your corporate credit cards, travel, and business spending with one simple system.

Gain insight and control over spend outside the norm.

From better business meeting management to the management of special outlying expenses, we’ve got you covered.

U.S. Bank Event Planner Card

Event Planner Card

Consolidate your meeting and event expenses.

With the U.S. Bank Event Planner Card, your event organizers have an efficient way to guarantee reservations, make deposits and pay for expenses.

U.S. Bank Managed Spend Card

Managed Spend Card

Easily manage outlying payments.

Get added efficiencies, more control and visibility with the U.S. Bank Managed Spend Card, uniquely designed with declining balance functionality for out-of-the-ordinary, one-time expenses.

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Notice: Foreign-denominated transactions are subject to foreign currency exchange risk. Customers are not protected against foreign currency exchange rate fluctuations by FDIC insurance, or any other insurance or guaranty program.

The foregoing products are available solely for business transactions and not for personal, family or household transactions.