Unique functionality

Manage payments beyond traditional purchasing card programs with the U.S. Bank Managed Spend Card.

Declining balance

Set the limit and expiration dates for your budget. As purchases are deducted, the available-to-spend balance will decline. Limit will not refresh when payments are applied to the account.

Pre-funded, with adjustments as needed

You can also pre-fund the card and establish a fixed spending limit in advance by remitting payment directly to the account. Once the payment is received, the account limit and available balance are automatically increased. Funding can be adjusted as needed.

Increased control over purchases

Velocity monitoring allows organizations to cap the number of transactions and dollar limits per day, month or other period specified by the organization.

Merchant category code (MCC) blocking

MCC blocking prevents purchases of specific commodities and services.

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A multitude of uses 

The Managed Spend Card is designed for out-of-the-ordinary, one-time expenses:

  • Project management
  • Grants funding
  • Employee relocations
  • Consultant fees
  • Trade shows and conferences
  • Office refurbishments
  • Fundraising programs
  • Blanket contracts
  • Local organizations

Leading-edge card management tools and purchasing options for the Managed Spend Card

We continually invest in technology and innovations that make managing and using your corporate credit card easier, safer, faster and more efficient.

Access Online

With U.S. Bank Access® Online, our fast, secure and easy-to-use card management system, you and your cardholders can manage your cards with one tool.

Access Online Mobile App

See account status, transaction activity, make payments and much more from your smartphone or tablet with the U.S. Bank Access Online Mobile App.

Mobile payments

Add your U.S. Bank corporate credit card to your phone or device – or whatever comes next – and conveniently and securely pay for expenses on the go.

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