Digital alternatives to traditional payment methods

Our virtual payment solutions meet a full range of payment needs – from planned corporate purchases to unexpected employee expenses and more.

Virtual Pay

Maximize efficiency, improve cash flow and reduce risk.

Gain B2B payment automation benefits, rebate revenue opportunity and cost savings while mitigating payment fraud risk with virtual cards.

Instant Card

Instantly pay for business expenses.

Easily and securely send a virtual card to a recipient’s mobile wallet for immediate use.

Travel Virtual Pay

Ease reconciliation of centralized business travel expenses.

Use single-use virtual credit cards to automate corporate travel booking, payment and reconciliation.


Manage expenses, travel and cards in one place.

One platform to track and manage all your business expenses, travel and corporate credit card needs.

Optimize your payment process with virtual credit cards.

Virtual credit cards are a highly secure digital payment method that streamline the accounts payable process. Virtual card payments simplify reconciliation for you and your suppliers, reduce payment costs and create rebate revenue opportunity.

Create rebate revenue.

Switching from checks to virtual payments can enhance cash flow and create additional revenue through program rebates.

Enhance working capital.

Precisely timed and data-rich virtual card payments improve working capital by reducing costs and extending days payable outstanding.

Simplify reconciliation.

Virtual card payments simplify reconciliation by eliminating costly and time-consuming manual payments.

Improve payment visibility and control.

Virtual card payments provide detailed, timely data that improves expense tracking and forecasting, strengthens supplier negotiations and supports audit and regulatory compliance reporting.

Send real-time payments.

Connect to your internal systems through an application programming interface (API). Pay suppliers in real time, 24/7 without additional software, hardware or time-intensive staff training.

Protect against fraud.

Virtual credit cards use a one-time, temporary card number and include specific controls, like the amount and expiration date, to increase payment security.

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Optimization services

Accelerate virtual credit card adoption.

We can help you make the shift to virtual payments. Our dedicated experts will analyze your corporate credit card and payables programs for virtual payment opportunities, develop enrollment campaigns for your suppliers and assist with supplier education and outreach.

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AP Optimizer

Automate invoice-to-pay.

Streamline virtual card, ACH, wire and check payments with a single integrated payables solution. U.S. Bank AP Optimizer® automates B2B and B2C payments to maximize efficiency, reduce fraud risk and cut costs.

We have answers to your virtual credit card questions.

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