Ease reconciliation of centralized business travel expenses.

Travel Virtual Pay uses single-use virtual card numbers to pay the major travel expenses for those with no corporate-issued travel card, eliminating the need for travelers to use personal credit cards.

  • Employees who travel infrequently
  • Employees who travel to temporary work sites for extended stays
  • Job candidates
  • Consultants and contractors
  • Group travel, such as university teams and clubs
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Travel Virtual Pay creates rebate revenue opportunity.

Like traditional commercial cards, Travel Virtual Pay creates revenue-share opportunity.

A digital payment alternative

Tracking major travel expenses from non-carded travelers is time consuming and labor intensive. Simplify the process with virtual single-use accounts.

Increased security and control

Reduce fraud risk with single-use virtual accounts issued for each booking and authorized for a specific dollar amount. Flexible account controls limit abuse.

Streamlined processes, reduced costs, centralized payments

Eliminate the need for manual expense processing and oversight of travel policy controls. With automated reconciliation, booking and transactions are automatically matched.

Complete visibility into travel spending

Reduce exposure to fraud, inconsistent reporting and the need for manual intervention to reconcile transactions to individual traveler and booking information.

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