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About Zelle
Can I send money to an international recipient using Zelle?What is a Zelle QR code and how do I get one?
Is there a fee for requesting money using Zelle?Where can I learn how to use Zelle?
What is Zelle and how does it work? Will I receive notification anytime I use Zelle?

Request money with Zelle
Can a "request for money with Zelle" be declined?How do I request money using a Zelle QR code?
How do I cancel a request for funds with Zelle?How do I "split the bill" with Zelle?
How do I request money using a Zelle QR code? How do I view my "request money" transactions I made through Zelle?
Send money with Zelle>
Does a recipient need an account with U.S. Bank if I send money with Zelle?How does my recipient receive money with Zelle?
How do I edit or cancel a one-time Zelle payment? How soon will my recipient receive a Zelle payment?
How do I send money with Zelle? What recipient information do I need to send money with Zelle?
Using Zelle
How do I see past Zelle memos?What to do if your recipient never accepts their Zelle payment?
What if the recipient doesn't receive the money I sent using Zelle?When does a Zelle payment come out of my account?
Your Zelle profile
How do I add, edit, or remove a recipient in Zelle?How do I update my Zelle profile?
How do I enroll to receive money through Zelle?When I update my phone number or email address, does that change my Zelle information too?