How do I request money using a Zelle QR code?

A Zelle® QR code provides a fast and accurate option to add a person to your Zelle® Ready Contacts using the camera on your smart device. Choose the best experience below.

Online banking steps:

For the best online experience, we recommend logging in at

  1. Select Send Money, then Send Money with Zelle®
  2. Choose Request money, select View QR code on the right side of the page
  3. Your QR should appear and are now ready to request or receive money.  

U.S. Bank Mobile App steps:

For the best mobile banking experience, we recommend logging in or downloading the U.S. Bank Mobile App.

  1. From the dashboard, select Send money, then choose Request money.
  2. Select the QR code icon (it's four boxes in a square) found to the right of "Add a recipient". 
  3. Select the My code tab, to the right of the word "scan".
  4. Your QR should appear. Select the sharing icon (it's a rectangle with an upward pointing arrow).
  5. Choose how you want to share your code (popular options include sending it by email or text message). 
  6. Send the QR code to the person you're requesting money from. 

Additional information:

  • To request money using a Zelle® QR code, the person you're requesting money from needs to have your specific QR code.
  • When they scan it to their device, your Zelle® information populates for them. 
  • An amount can't be provided when using a QR code, feel free to tell them how much you're asking for in the body of the message.