Building wealth and achieving financial security are important concerns for everyone, but many communities face distinct challenges in reaching these goals.

Through conversations with community leaders, elected officials and advocacy groups, U.S. Bank has listened, learned and identified areas where the need is greatest. We’re working to bridge the wealth gap across diverse communities including Hispanics/Latinos, women, Blacks and LGBTQ+ communities.

Visit U.S. Bank Access Commitment™ to learn more about our support for diverse communities.

Helping Hispanics work toward financial success

The Hispanic/Latino community believes that hard work pays off now and for future generations.1 However, there are both societal barriers and cultural beliefs that may hinder their progress toward financial security.

Our financial resources, education materials and wealth specialists can provide guidance to help manage the needs of today while planning for tomorrow.

Personal financial literacy for Hispanics and Latinos

Cultural beliefs about money can hold some Hispanics back from financial success. Here are five ways you can build a lasting financial legacy.

Investing myths: Separating fact from fiction in investing

Latinos most often describe themselves as savers vs. investors.2 Investing myths—such as saving is more important than investing—can get in the way of making investing part of your financial plan. These tips can help you uncover the reality of investing.

Multigenerational household financial planning strategies

For Hispanics, financial success comes with financial responsibility for their extended family and community. If you’re supporting multiple generations, these strategies may help you prepare for current and future expenses and work toward everyone’s financial goals.

Download our Building Hispanic Wealth report, which provides insights into the Hispanic/Latino community’s views on financial success and actions we’re taking to help reduce the wealth gap.

Women and money

Many women are taking charge of their money and have more financial power than ever before. However, our research shows they don’t engage with their finances as much as men and show lower levels of financial literacy.3

Even if it’s just a conversation about salary with your friends, both formal and informal education can be empowering.

Women and wealth: A look at generational differences

Our research shows that when it comes to how women engage with their money, age matters.

Women and wealth: Exploring the gender gap

We explore how and why men and women approach money differently.

A look at women's evolving relationship with money

Women have more money and power than ever before. Our research tells us they aren’t getting the most out of it.

Go to Women, Money and Influence to find more educational resources to help you expand your financial power.

Building Black wealth

Financial institutions played a historic role in creating and sustaining gaps in wealth by race and ethnicity. U.S. Bank acknowledges that history and is leveraging the skills and expertise of its employees to help close those gaps.

Our financial insights and resources are designed to help you build wealth so you can share it with those around you.

Building Black Wealth Insights Study

Our research highlights the financial needs, goals and challenges of Black Americans, as well as the many steps we can take to better serve the Black community.

How Black families can build generational wealth

Adopting an investment-oriented mindset and improving financial literacy are just two tools that can help Black families build generational wealth.

Go to Building Black Wealth for insights and education on financial planning, starting a business, estate planning and more.

Resources to support LGBTQ+ financial freedom

Great strides have been made toward civil rights and legal protections for LGBTQ+ individuals and families, but the protections are not consistent across the country. These inequities contribute to financial disparities experienced by many in the LGBTQ+ community. 

Developing a financial plan that takes your unique challenges into account can help you work toward the financial security you deserve. 

LGBTQ+ financial planning tips

There are specific barriers between LGBTQ+ individuals and financial equity. That’s why financial planning can be particularly useful for working toward your goals.

LGBTQ+ retirement planning: What you need to know

Retirement is a top financial concern for LGBTQ+ individuals. These steps can help guide your retirement planning.

LGBTQ+ estate planning considerations

Creating a comprehensive estate plan can ensure your wishes are carried out after you die – no matter how large, or small, your estate is.

Read more about our support for the LGBTQ+ community.


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  1. The Hispanic American Financial Experience, Prudential Research Study, 2019.

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