U.S. Bank Women and Wealth Insights Study finds new generation of women investors is redefining wealth and influence.
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Bridging the wealth gap among diverse communities

Building wealth and achieving financial security is a primary concern for everyone, but many communities face distinct challenges in reaching these goals. It’s important to listen, learn and acknowledge these challenges and do what we can to help address them.

Through a series of conversations with community leaders, elected officials and advocacy groups, U.S. Bank has listened, discussed and identified areas where the need is greatest. Based on these discussions, we are creating programs, products and services to help address the wealth gap across diverse communities.

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Building Black wealth

Financial institutions played a historic role in creating and sustaining gaps in wealth by race and ethnicity. U.S. Bank acknowledges that history and is leveraging the unique skills and expertise of its employees to help close those gaps within the Black community.

We are committed to supporting businesses owned by people of color, helping individuals and communities of color advance economically, and to enhancing career opportunities for employees and prospective employees.

We hope that by investing in these initiatives, we can play a small role in decreasing the racial wealth gap.

Building Black Wealth Insights Study

In February 2021, we launched U.S. Bank Access Commitment™, our long-term approach to helping build wealth while redefining how the bank serves racially diverse communities. As we seek to support businesses owned by people of color, help individuals and communities of color advance economically, and enhance career opportunities for employees and prospective employees, we know we must start by listening to and learning from our customers and our communities. Our inaugural U.S. Bank Building Black Wealth Insights Study represents an important part of that process.

This report is just one step in understanding the needs, goals and challenges of the Black community. And by continuing to learn and listen, we’ll gain insights needed to take actions that support lasting change.

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Insights & resources

Building a financial legacy for your family and community

How “each one teach one” can be a basis for a stronger financial foundation. An interview with John Campbell, senior vice president and managing director at U.S. Bank Private Wealth Management.

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How to discuss money with your family

Engaging your young adult children in your family finances can not only help teach them money management, but also help protect and grow the legacy you’ve worked hard to build and preserve.

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5 key components of a financial plan

A strong plan involves every financial element of your life, including short- and long-term goals.

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How to set financial goals in 5 steps

Setting and working toward financial goals becomes easier when you reflect on your intentions.

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Estate planning as a family

An open dialogue with family members can help you successfully craft your estate plan.

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Women and money

Like you, many women are taking charge of their money and have more financial power than ever before. However, our research shows they don’t engage with their finances as much as men and show lower levels of financial literacy.1

Even if it’s just a conversation about salary with your friends, both formal and informal education can be empowering.

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Women and wealth: A look at generational differences

Our research shows that, when it comes to how women engage with their money, age matters.

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Women and wealth: Exploring the gender gap

We explore how and why men and women approach money differently.

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Women and wealth: How to make the most of your money

Women have more money and power than ever before. Our research tells us they aren’t getting the most out of it.

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Visit Women, money and influence to find more educational resources to help you expand your financial power.

Resources to support LGBTQ+ financial freedom

Great strides have been made toward civil rights and legal protections for LGBTQ+ individuals and families. While it’s important to celebrate the progress, we must also acknowledge that protections are not consistent across the country. These inequities contribute to financial disparities experienced by many in the LGBTQ+ community.

Developing a financial plan that takes your unique challenges into account can help you work toward the level of financial security you deserve.

Insights & resources

Ways for LGBTQ+ individuals to work toward financial freedom

There are specific barriers between LGBTQ+ people and financial equity. That’s why financial planning can be particularly useful for working toward their goals.

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Estate planning for the LGBTQ+ community

Putting an estate plan together can ensure your wishes are carried out after you die — no matter how large, or small, your estate is.

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LGBTQ+ retirement planning: What you need to know

Retirement is the LGBTQ+ community’s top financial concern. These steps can help guide your retirement planning.

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Family planning for the LGBTQ+ community

Many LGBTQ+ people will use IVF, adoption or surrogacy when building their families. Planning for these costs is a smart move.

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Preparing for homeownership: A guide for LGBTQ+ homebuyers

LGBTQ+ folks are less likely to own a home than heterosexual people. Here are tips on how the LGBTQ+ community can prepare to buy a home and begin to close the gap.

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