Improving customer visibility lands Onboarding Tracker respected industry award

U.S. Bank Onboarding Tracker wins the 2020 Impact Innovation Award in Cash Management and Payments for Customer Experience from Aite Group.

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Published: November 19, 2020

As our use of technology advances, so do our expectations. When we order delivery from a restaurant, we can usually track its progress. Same thing with most online purchases. So, why wouldn’t we expect the same type of visibility and transparency when implementing powerful banking solutions?

That’s the concept behind the U.S. Bank Onboarding Tracker, which gives clients visibility into how their complex treasury implementations are progressing. Available via the bank’s SinglePoint® platform, Onboarding Tracker includes a digital dashboard, collaborative message board and simple file exchange capabilities that can be used by implementation project managers and senior executives enabling all stakeholders to monitor the status of their implementations, streamline communication, and resolve problems faster.

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U.S. Bank Wins Aite Impact Innovation Award

Hi, everyone. My name is Vipul Kaushal. I'm from U.S. Bank. Really, really excited to get this award from Aite on customer experience for our product, the onboarding tracker. Very gratifying award for us. Talking about onboarding tracker a bit more, the way we really started this initiative was honing into the friction points within our customers' treasury solution onboarding journey. As was very apparent from industry research as well, the onboarding process in general was a black box.

Customers always had questions like when will my account be open, what documentation does the bank need, who do I reach out to for more information where exactly I am in the process. And I'll think about our personal lives. Think how companies like dominoes help us track our pizza delivery and that's really the concept we started with.

The onboarding tracker removes the friction points which I just spoke about by providing on-demand and online visibility into our onboarding process. Not only does it answer the questions for our customers in terms of where they are in the onboarding process, but it also provides a secure and digital channel to exchange documents, communicate with bank personnel as well eliminating the emails and the phone calls as well.

The capability in itself is a foundation to what we are working towards. Where we are headed with it is allowing our clients to initiate product setups online, track them using the onboarding tracker and authorize them using electronic signatures. So for now, you know, how did we do this. Let me hand it over to James Gallo who is going to talk about that.

Thanks, Vipul. Hello, everybody. My name is James Gallo and I'm the Journey Owner of the team that built onboarding tracker. The team is a small agile cross-functional team that really started defining and developing the onboarding tracker capability back in November of 2019. A guiding principle of our team is iteratively co-create with our clients and deliver quickly for client use and feedback.

After several iterations of designs and mock-ups, we launched our first iteration ever of onboarding tracker in January of 2020 of this year. With five pilot clients, we quickly learned that we had hit on a very sensitive pain point for our clients, but there were several key opportunities that we could add to the offering to make it that much better. A couple of examples would include exchanging messages and exchanging files.

Thanks to our iterative model, while the first pilot was still in progress, we were able to concurrently start designing and developing a second iteration based on the feedback that we received. We launched that second iteration in May of 2020. During that second pilot, we continued to receive feedback from our users and I'm happy to say that just a couple of weeks ago in mid-November, we actually released our fifth enhancement of the second version of onboarding tracker that launched in May 2020.

So in terms of impact, we have over 20 clients that are tracking over 130 different solutions and have sent over 250 files and over 300 messages. We are very proud to be recognized by Aite and want to thank all of our US-based colleagues for supporting this initiative and to our clients for their willingness to provide feedback and work together to deliver. 


2020 Impact Innovation Award

Onboarding Tracker was recently named the winner in the “Customer Experience” category for the 2020 Impact Innovation Award in Cash Management and Payments by the Aite Group, a global research and advisory firm. The awards program honors innovative financial institutions that are introducing new products, capabilities, or levels of automation and effectiveness to move the industry forward.

2020 Award

In the Impact Brief that accompanied the award, the Aite Group praised Onboarding Tracker’s level of innovation, impact on customer experience, scalability and operational efficiency.

“The Onboarding Tracker is an innovative, quick-to-market solution that addresses a key client pain point when doing treasury business with banks and creates a truly differentiated onboarding experience in the market,” it said. “The solution isn’t just about viewing implementation progress; it also has a collaborative chat feature and a simple document exchange feature that makes the tool a true one-stop shop unique in the market.”

“This is really gratifying recognition for us,” said Richard Erario, head of Global Treasury Management for U.S. Bank. “We’ve been laser-focused on two things this year: driving the continued digitization of our solutions for business customers of all sizes and making it easier for our customers to do business with us, and Onboarding Tracker does both. It’s nice to see our efforts validated with this Impact Innovation Award.”


“The solution isn’t just about viewing implementation progress; it also has a collaborative chat feature and a simple document exchange feature that makes the tool a true one-stop shop unique in the market.”

Other Honors 

Onboarding Tracker also received "Highly Commended" honors for Best Digital Initiative at the 2020 Banking Tech Awards presented by FinTech Futures. Now in their 21st year, the Banking Tech Awards recognize excellence and innovation in the use of IT in financial services worldwide.


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To learn more about the development and implementation of Onboarding Tracker and why Aite Group honored it with the 2020 Impact Innovation Award, click here to read the Impact Brief.

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