Treasury connectivity: Better insight is better business

March 23, 2023

Companies can no longer afford to manually run treasury department tasks and still stay competitive.

A modern business with connected banking can move as fast as a customer clicking a buy button. Connectivity creates a complete overview that enterprises need to be financially nimble.

Gaps between “the data you have” and “the most current data” can keep today’s treasury managers tossing and turning at night. That’s why bridging them is crucial to driving efficiencies and results that can bring about true transformation in your business.

Treasury connectivity solutions leverage analytics and analysis that produce relevant data to inform better decisions. It is about building digital connections that help you take control of your operations and make timely decisions that will secure your business future.


Connecting business with opportunity

Several connectors can link companies to their treasury data according to their unique business needs:

  • File transmission – Securely and inexpensively process batches of high-dollar, complex payments through core protocols.

  • Banking platform – An all-in-one online portal like SinglePoint® by U.S. Bank that connects to a full suite of treasury management services.

  • API connectors – A direct connection between a company’s enterprise application and a financial system, which provides flexible and real-time visibility for business.

  • ERP integrators – Software to power real-time transactions and information flows through a company’s ERP dashboard.

These solutions can increase speed, efficiency and visibility – improving data accuracy, accelerating strategy and keeping you one step ahead of the competition.

They also can lead your business further down the treasury connectivity path if you are ready to fully optimize. There you can utilize instant payment solutions to quickly move and control cash while improving customer experience.

"With optimized processes and digital tools in place, companies can become highly agile and better prepared for uncertainty and change."

Digital connectivity solutions “get things done,” according to Mike Draxton, U.S. Bank Vice President | Digital Transformation Group Product Manager.

“With optimized processes and digital tools in place, companies can become highly agile and better prepared for uncertainty and change,” Draxton says.


Choice, partnership and trust  

We understand you are relying on expertise to help propel your business forward. The “digital promise” is not unique. U.S. Bank has spent time becoming a different kind of partner by listening to client needs, a digital approach that stands alone.

How treasury connectivity comes together is paramount in a digital relationship. Whether they have just started your journey or are ready for a new path, we are ready to be your digital partner.


Marrying unique business stories with deep industry expertise can help you innovate faster, evolve stronger and run better. Let’s work together to match your treasury needs to the connectivity options that move your business forward.

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